Lies of P - Pinocchio Souls-like

Here’s the announcement CG trailer:

Looks like Bloodborne perhaps? More Souls-Likes! Muahahahah! Excellent.

I was thinking there should be an “action soulslike” thread because there are a ton of these, now. I mean the trailer looks good, but not a glimpse of game or hint of release date, so who knows. If it’s even decent, of course, I’ll be sure to grab it at some point, I’m such a sucker for these things.

New trailer, yeah, they sure did like Bloodborne

Who didn’t!

These guys as well to a lesser extent.

I can’t keep track of all these.

This continues to look pretty damn cool.

Coming to Game Pass on Day 1.

Game Pass slate for 2023 is getting too full!

Looks a little Steelrising.

New preview.

I read the article, and the only thing that sounds new and fun is the wire hook in a Soulslike.

We’ll have to see how this game executes what it’s trying to do. Thymesia had fun Bloodborne combat too but it ended up being pretty unsatisfying.

Aug 2023

This demo is long as hell. 90 minutes, one boss down, and I still have a lot more of the next zone to do.

There’s no real combat hook for me, but the game looks clean, runs well, and seems just intriguing enough to make me curious to see what’s around the next corner. That’s how these Soulslikes get you.

I played the demo for about 40 minutes. I really enjoyed it. They’ve got the controls as the same as the Soulsborne games, so it hit my muscle memory just right on the combat and the interface. And the story is presented more like a Western game, so it’s much more comprehensible than a Soulsborne game from From Software.

So yeah, I really dug it so far. I’m impressed.

The general consensus seems to be that the perfect parry (time block correctly) is better than the dodge. You negate damage and can break enemy weapons that way. So it’s better to play this like Sekiro than Bloodborne. That might be enough of a hook to keep it in the back of my mind.

Oh, it has the exact same system of spirit ashes to help you against bosses too. That’s… bold.

If you’re down with P well then you’re down with me. OK, I’m done here.

It’s getting reviews around the 80-85 mark.