Lies of P - Pinocchio Souls-like

Thanks! I wasn’t aware. Resubscribed because of this (…and now I also can check out Starfield and Sea of Stars. Wow!).

Same. Just resubbed, mostly for this and to check out Starfield. Only a couple hours or so in, but so far, really enjoying it. Surprised given how hard I’ve bounced off of Souls-likes in the past. This has a more springy, actiony feel than other Souls games I’ve tried.

I tried this out. It’s … fine. Runs at like 120fps on a 11700F/30080 with 32MB of RAM. That’s nice. I got to the first boss. I could get him to about half health before he wiped me out. Tried about five or six times. I took the Lance weapon I think it is.

I’m not sure I’m into Gittin’ Gud for this one. Puppets run wild isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but ok. For people who dig these games, it’s definitely worth trying it out.

This is really fun! Bloodborne meets Dishonored.

Why Dishonored?

I only made it to the first bonfire last night. I was well past that in the demo, so still very early on.

The game feels good to play though, I think they did improve the dodge over the demo.

I dunno, just something in the world/art design reminded me of it. Not the gameplay mechanics.

Really want to give this a try, but I just started Armored Core 6 last week so I already have my Fromsoft needs fulfilled for the time being.

Anyone else have any impressions? I played the demo a while back and thought it was ok.

Keep going on Armored Core. I don’t think this is all that. It’s very much a copy and paste of Fromsoft Souls into this… Pinocchio thing. It has its own impenetrable world to figure out and lots of strange names for items and upgrades that obfuscates their usage.

It runs great and looks great, but it really is for a very specific subgroup of gamers that can’t get enough of these types of games.

It’s weirdly refreshing to play a decent one that isn’t a Fromsoft title. Plus, well, Game Pass amirite??

I guess so. It hews so closely to the formula, even in its dark, grim presentation that it feels… cheap? There’s being inspired by a formula to create something similar, and then there’s this.

If I didn’t have an active Game Pass sub, I wouldn’t have tried it.

I beat the first boss this morning and got to the hotel.

The game it reminds me of a lot is Bioshock. The art style and the statues and the signs and the enemies are all very reminiscent of Bioshock. Gameplay, of course, is right out of Bloodborne.

So far I’m putting all the points into Vitality and Stamina.

The Y button attacks kind of confuse me. So you build those up over time and get to do them, but they seem just like normal attacks to me? Do they even do that much more damage? It’s tough to tell. And they seem to carryover after death. So, for example, if I use them before I die on a boss, the blue attacks with Y are gone when I respawn. But if I don’t use it before I die on a boss, I have it when I respawn.

I agree that the art looks like Dishonored. The gates and locks would look very much at home in Dishonored. Things just look very mechanical.

Is there a description of the stats anywhere? The UI lets you see how things are related to things like HP or weapon scaling, but there really isn’t much in the way of stat descriptions.

Edit: Stats

I think those special attacks are also used to stagger opponents so you can get a death blow.

From what I’ve been able to gather, everyone should get Vitality up to like 35-40, Technique for the dexterity weapons, Motivity for the tanky ones.

What’s frustrating me about Lies of P is the same thing that frustrates me about all soulslikes: the precision dodge + animation lock-based gameplay. I guess that’s just a ‘me’ problem though since these things seem to be immensely popoular.

I like the practice dummies in the little garden at the hotel.

Are you talking about how animation/movement is locked once you input them? If so, yeah, that’s bothered me since Demon’s Souls. It’s clearly intentional but I’ve made too many fatal mistakes because of that input buffer, either one-too-many dodges or big swings because it queued my inputs and didn’t allow me to break out.

Lies of P is supposedly frustrating in another way: it’s very parry focused, and the parry window is tiny.

Also most enemies have what a streamer I watch calls “Margit Derangement Syndrome” as in tons and tons of non-stop attacks and/or fake outs. Which makes a game based on parrying in small windows feel especially crappy since almost every enemy seems to be designed to make those windows nearly impossible to react to or notice.

Would love to hear impressions from those who are playing the game.