Lies of P - Pinocchio Souls-like

I agree that the art looks like Dishonored. The gates and locks would look very much at home in Dishonored. Things just look very mechanical.

Is there a description of the stats anywhere? The UI lets you see how things are related to things like HP or weapon scaling, but there really isn’t much in the way of stat descriptions.

Edit: Stats

I think those special attacks are also used to stagger opponents so you can get a death blow.

From what I’ve been able to gather, everyone should get Vitality up to like 35-40, Technique for the dexterity weapons, Motivity for the tanky ones.

What’s frustrating me about Lies of P is the same thing that frustrates me about all soulslikes: the precision dodge + animation lock-based gameplay. I guess that’s just a ‘me’ problem though since these things seem to be immensely popoular.

I like the practice dummies in the little garden at the hotel.

Are you talking about how animation/movement is locked once you input them? If so, yeah, that’s bothered me since Demon’s Souls. It’s clearly intentional but I’ve made too many fatal mistakes because of that input buffer, either one-too-many dodges or big swings because it queued my inputs and didn’t allow me to break out.

Lies of P is supposedly frustrating in another way: it’s very parry focused, and the parry window is tiny.

Also most enemies have what a streamer I watch calls “Margit Derangement Syndrome” as in tons and tons of non-stop attacks and/or fake outs. Which makes a game based on parrying in small windows feel especially crappy since almost every enemy seems to be designed to make those windows nearly impossible to react to or notice.

Would love to hear impressions from those who are playing the game.

I’m enjoying it so far. It makes a nice contrast to Starfield. Starfield in the morning, Lies of P at night.

Of course, I might change my tune if I run into a difficulty brick wall.

Iron Pineapple really liked it. He says it gets really hard so might not be for everyone. It is on my list, but I’ve got too much else to play right now. I’ll be interested to hear experiences from people here.

Lies of P — a Fantastic Souls-Like (but NOT for everyone?) - YouTube

I’ve only played a couple of hours, up to the hotel (which is when the credits roll, but after the first big boss.) It’s the theme of Bioshock: Infinite, the aesthetic of Dishonored, and the gameplay of Bloodborne. So far, and again I’m only a couple of hours in, I really like it. The character design is gorgeous and the combat is satisfying (probably the most Souls-like combat I’ve experienced in a non-FromSoft game.) Sound is really good too with lots of nice mechanical noises, though the voice acting is meh. It’s included with PC Game Pass, so definitely worth trying if you’ve got that.


I played to the first star thingy (just past the intro) and enjoyed it but hadn’t yet melded with the combat system.

The Iron Pineapple take is quite interesting though. That’s someone who has played a LOT of Souls games.

I’m past the first trip to the hotel, and onto the rooftops. I’m really enjoying it. If someone told me this was FROM Software, I’d believe it.

I’m liking it too. I completed the quest that you get after you arrive at the hotel (find Geppetto) returned, and now I’m on my way to the next objective. It does feel like a FromSoft game with a couple of exception. While the environments look nice, they don’t feel like they are as elaborate or have as interesting navigation. Also, I feel like the enemies don’t have quite the variety so far.

I could be that I’ve played so many Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Bloodborne, Sekiro and some clones that I just don’t find it as impressive, but to be this feels like it has the ingredients and is a solid B/B+ to From’s As

Hehe, doesn’t Souls-Like imply “but NOT for everyone”? Maybe Iron Pineapple is saying not for all fans of the genre. Guessing because I haven’t seen, though I hope to give it a watch.

Of the Souls-like games I’ve played, I’m with robc04. Team Ninja with Nioh is the only studio coming close to FromSoftware. I think they only achieved that by mastering a different feel.

The dodge’s lack of i-frames in Lies of P enhances the physicality of the space where enemies attack. The boss before the hotel took me a number of tries, giving me a chance to see how dodging to a particular side could work well. I’m already not a fan of body flops.

Anyway, the limited hit boxes from enemy attacks has worked in this early part of the game. I hope it continues. I went with the heavy weapon. I’m guessing that’s why my dodge seems so short range. That range feels poised to cause problems with future enemies.

Lies of P is waaayyyy more block oriented than your typical Souls-like. Once I figured out that I’m supposed to block attacks, that boss went down like a paper tiger. Dodging is definitely part of the mix, but work on your block timing.

Whoa…thanks! Since it will be a bit before I can play again, at least my other habits will have faded, making it easier to try adding a healthy regime of blocking.

Rurikan’s life is Fromsoft games and Monster Hunter and he’s been all over the map on Lies of P, but he finally put together his review.

TLDW: It’s complicated.

Thanks, I think that video was exactly what I needed to know.

Yes and yes. Iron Pineapple is talking about people that have beaten the other From games. Yeah, so I’m apprehensive.