Life is Strange - Square Enix, Remember Me, rewinding time

I’ve finished my Let’s Play of Life Is Strange 2. With recognition of all my biases–I didn’t have anything to do with making it, but I benefit from the success of the franchise–I think it is an excellent start to the season, even with all its divergences from the original Life is Strange.

The last chapter below. See above for the the first one.

Anyone playing the 2nd game? Am tempted to get the 2nd season for $30 during the current lunar sale.

I’m about halfway through the second episode, and I’d give it a strong recommendation; especially if you liked the prior games. Not sure where it’s headed, but the writing, acting, and music are fantastic.

LIS2 , eps 3-4-5 release dates announced.

Is it me or is that a considerably longer cycle than most episodic games (Kentucky Route Zero notwithstanding)? I quite loved the first game and am excited about the 2nd one but I refuse to get it until the entire game is out or almost out. Otherwise in my old age I forget what happened in the previous episodes.

I’m the same. I don’t bother with episodic games until I can play the whole thing at once but mainly because I worry that I won’t get back into it if I set it aside for too long to play something else. Although, not remembering the content of the previous episode(s) is an issue, too.

I think Sin Episodes still has it beat.

So is the 2nd season not as good as the first, or are people just not interested in episodic releases anymore and are waiting for the full season?

We have pretty much zero little discussion going on regarding season 2. :P

The episodes are far too apart for me to want to buy the game until it gets close to completion. There is no point in me playing it right now. I would never remember the minor characters or nuances of the story 8 months from now.

Episodic games can work but not when they are spaced out over 15 months. It is the same reason there is not a lot of discussion right now about Kentucky Route Zero.

I haven’t played it yet. I think the plan is to put all episodes on Game Pass eventually so I’ll probably wait until they’re all out to try it.

Yep, it’s all about waiting until the game is finished before jumping in. I understand the episodic design allows a bit of income flow while design still happens on the rest, and that can be great for small devs, but it’s not the kind of thing that often works well for players.

Square-Enix is a big publisher, so that’s only a small benefit for them. As a developer of episodic games, the main benefit is that you get multiple engagement points, multiple hype spikes, and several opportunities for the community build as it talks and speculates about the game between episodes. That requires a certain critical mass of players, though, and it seems like fans took a wait-and-see approach with Life Is Strange 2, and the slightly more drawn out release schedule hasn’t helped either.

Episode 4 trailer:

Wrapping it all up, the final trailer:

I’ll be happy to play the complete season when I can. Loved the first games of the series so I’m happy to have things coming to a close and will definitely watch for more.

For everyone who has been waiting for the full season to be available, today is the day!

Sweet, I’m waiting for episode five to get released on Game Pass so I can just plow through the whole thing.

And bought.

I don’t have the time to play it right now but I held off as long as I wanted to get the complete package so that, when I do play, I can do the whole story at once.