Life is Strange - Square Enix, Remember Me, rewinding time

There’s a new Life is Strange by Deck Nine games: (it took a while to figure out who was making it). I was kind of hoping somehow DONTNOD was involved, but not going to happen.

Not sure how i feel about Deck Nine handling it, tbh. I think they’re not great at endings. I liked 4/5 of the Life is Strange prequel and actually kind of hated the last 1/5 of it. I think it sort of missed the more transcendent high-school TV drama / middle age regretful quality of the original.

I hope they do a new LiS game justice. It’s hard to have the emotional hit of the earlier topics in the series, which is probably why going the mystery/detective route makes more sense. I’ll be optimistic and have it on my wishlist.

The trailer really stuck me as really compelling and interesting. It’s just a brief look, obviously, but I already love the emotional hook of trying to save a friend using knowledge from an alternative timeline and solving a murder in both timelines.