Life is Strange - Square Enix, Remember Me, rewinding time


Yeah, I don’t agree with her suggestion that game creators have the responsibility to put trigger warnings on everything, just like I don’t expect movie makers to put them in their films. I did find her reaction pretty compelling though, and I have to give it to Dontnod for creating such an affecting story moment.


Absolutely. And that’s why I wonder if the article was rushed and come a cross as a little more knee-jerky than intended. A follow-up article with her thoughts on a few months reflection of the game experience would be equally interesting.


So I just caught up through Episode 3 last night. This is getting better every episode. Like others have said, the dialog is cheesy fairly often but the decisions you have to make are downright difficult. There is almost never an obvious best choice - especially since choice ramifications often come much much later. At this point, I’m enjoying this even more than Walking Dead S1. Anyone who is even remotely interested should pick this up.

End of episode 3

Holy shit that was a curve ball and a hell of a cliff hanger. How is she going to un-alter the past? I was not expecting this big of an addition to the time travel shenanigans. Great stuff.


1 million sales!


Such a great game. Very anxious for the new episode.


Just finished episode 3, and I’m enjoying the story a fair bit. Though apparently I am going through too quickly, because I keep missing things.

Does anyone know what the “rules” are about taking pictures? It seems like all the time I come across a scene and know that this is what I’m supposed to be taking a picture of, except it doesn’t give me the option. Like say the squirrel with the fire-flies. I see it right there, try different angles, nothing.


The time rewind mechanic has some fun moments. It’s always interesting to see how a basic capability can be cleverly exploited. Maybe someone could make a more Portal-like game based on the time-rewind mechanic (Braid?). Or portals + time rewind :)

Also interesting that, even though you can rewind time at a “tactical” level to achieve the outcome you want in the current situation, it’s actually an iron-man game at the “strategic level”. Sort of an inversion of a regular game where you need to have skill to ‘win’ the current challenge, but you can restore to a save point as far back as you want if you think you went off the rails at some point.


This isn’t the best game mechanically. It doesn’t have the best graphics. The game play occasionally falls down, etc. But when it succeeds it REALLY works (sometimes despite the individual parts).

The end of episode 3 / start of episode 4 was hugely emotionally affecting for me. It left me stunned, thoughtful, sad, upset. Really one of the strongest feelings ever elicited by a game and right up there with what a good novel can do.

Here’s hoping that episode 5 can live up to the incredible build-up.



You are making me scared to play Episode three now.

I’ve enjoyed the previous two immensly though, and look forward to having an evening to dig into this again!


I can’t read any spoilers, but I just started playing this, and it is great. That is all, I will report back when caught up.


Yep, it’s a great game, and yes this thread contains major spoilers.


Just finished episode 4. I continued to be floored and each episode leaves me wanting the next episode RIGHT NOW.

This is on my GOTY short list. It really has surpassed Walking Dead for the narrative adventure format in just about every way.


Did I not give this game enough of a chance? I played until the point her friend picked her up and brought her to her house and went up to her room. I think she asked me to find some music to put on. Not being a teenage girl or having one in my family I’m not expert, but the dialog seemed a bit artificial. Maybe like thy were trying too hard and it felt forced.

Is it probably never going to click if it didn’t by now? I’m not a huge adventure game player, but I loved both seasons of The Walking Dead.


The relationship between Max and Chloe is only just being developed where you left off. It may not click for you. But it does get more intense as you go.



Things really get rolling in episode 2. The time travel mechanic and using it to solve puzzles is what kept me going to start out. But the story starts to get really interesting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot of teenage drama. But, it manages to get a deep emotional reaction from me in many ways - much like Waking Dead did.


The final episode is coming out October 20th. I picked the series up during the summer sale and have just been waiting for all the episodes to come out.

The 20th is gonna be a busy day!


#baebeforebay or #baybeforebae?


Oh, this game. Amazing game, especially considering the budget. A real work of art with a big heart. I don’t any game has had me choked up before; but it does play to my old soul. What other game has a trigger warning scolling across the bottom, and a link on the developer’s site to get help if the game affected or triggered a player?

I’m sorry the game wasn’t very well received by the press. It has basically the same premise as Remember Me, interestingly enough, how to cope with bad things happening in life. In Remember Me it’s removing the memory of the bad things. In Life is Strange it’s traveling back in time and preventing the bad thing from happening. In both games the antagonists are plot devices rather than being internally consistent and can be picked apart if you want, but they’re not really the point. The point is the moral and how you relate to your own life. In this way LiS is so much more successful, by such a huge margin, to any other relationship-centered game i’ve played.


Uhhh… it has been well received by the press. The last three chapters has a 80-81 Metacritic rating.


Been curious to try this one but I kind of wanted to wait until all the episodes are out. Has anyone played them all yet and if so, what did you think? Ranks up against Telltale’s better stuff?