Life is Strange - Square Enix, Remember Me, rewinding time


Just came across this article with a little more info on the game. I guess some stuff in it might be considered spoilers, but it does confirm something’s like no time travel mechanic this time around, logically enough.


On Thursday, my colleagues and I will be doing an AMA on Reddit about Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, our upcoming Formerly-French currently-American cinematic-adventure choice-and-consequence young-adult angsty franchise prequel video game. (That’s my @ChristienMurawski -style summation.)

If you’re into Life Is Strange, and one of those Reddit-y types, and don’t have to, you know, work that day, join in!

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Well I meet one of those criteria - unfortunately I’m not much use at Reddit and I do have to work. Good luck all the same, anxious to see the final product!


I joined reddit just to post in their LiS section ^^. At this point i probably have more suggestions than questions honestly. If i’m still at the workstation on Thursday i’ll see if i can’t have it running off on another monitor :).


Oh crap, my Xbox is downloading the preorder - is today release day?


Still August 31!

Hey, a little bit more self-promotional news, but I have to share because for me it’s really, really exciting: We have the band Daughter doing the score for the game and contributing new, original songs to the soundtrack. Their work has been truly amazing. When we began to layer their tracks into our scenes, it was just magical how the scenes came to life. I know I’m gushing about my own game, but I’m really just gushing about the work of these musicians, and proud to have helped inspire some beautiful work. AAAAAGH! It’s so so good!

They will be releasing all the tracks as a standalone album, too. It’ll be out September 1. Here’s a preview track:


So to answer my own question, looks like it just downloaded 100 megs or so, think it was the preorder stuff. False alarm.


I hate to be the poo-poo’r here, but I will never buy a game from this studio ever again. The atrocious lack of any semblance of support to help solve issues shows me they don’t have time nor inclination to help out those who have purchased & want to play their game.


Just FYI - same franchise, different developer. That’s why Nightgaunt said “Formerly-French currently-American”.

Now, maybe you have a thing against SquareEnix… which in that case, you do you. However i’m surprised you never had Steam cloud saves work for you either.


Hey, Enidigm, I’m going to guess you’re the same Enidigm that asked a question on the AMA. Good question! Thanks for participating. Hope you liked the answer. :)


Yep that was me :). Thanks for reminding me here of your response! I had closed the window after the conversation had moved past my post.

Its great you picked up on all the subtle ‘miscellanea’ in Chloe’s arc (papers, secondary material ect) and i can tell you guys are huge fans and thorough researchers. Really looking forward to what you come up with in your release (in a couple of weeks? wow! time goes fast). In some ways this might actually be a better game than LiS 1 as i feel like that game had two or three narrative threads it was trying to weave together.

Part of my question though was not just relating to Rachael but also to Chloe herself. As you could see from some of the top rated threads there are very strong opinions regarding Chloe and what she represents. After Episode 3 it does look like DONTNOD made Chloe a certain way if you attend extremely carefully to all the dialog she says, even though it’s my belief this wasn’t what they initial had set out to do. That sort of attention to detail you guys seem to be on the spot about, worrying about if she’s left or right handed(!) and modeling her MOCAP actress, for ex. But I think you’ll find yourselves constrained about who and what Chloe “is” more than a typical protagonist since she already has a significant “set in stone” narrative and personality. Don’t be surprised at some very strong reactions from the community if things aren’t exactly as they expected or wanted. Being an episodic game though means you can to some extent take that feedback and make adjustments.

Anyway, LiS is sort of my Gilmore Girls and i’ve thought far, far too long and hard about it than i ever should have. You know where to find me if you want a full plate of fanbeans :).

Really liked that Daughter track btw. Seems to have the right sound for the NW setting as well.


Nearly forgot to mention, looks like the first episode sneaked out yesterday but I didn’t notice it until I was just about to head off for bed so I didn’t play it yet.


I don’t think I’m ready for this. Too much real life going on right now. Just… don’t want to rush it. I’ve bought it but not downloaded it yet.


Cool - I missed this while it was happening but just went back and reddit? Ew, I feel dirty for even typing that. Like Endigm, I’m WAY over-committed at the moment but look forward to playing this later in the fall. Yay!


I stayed up way past my bedtime and played through the episode in one shot last night. And I liked it, a lot. It was kind of comfortable seeing characters and places we know from before but in slightly different contexts. Really strong Tein Peaks vibe this time around, from the name of the band Chloe sneaks out to see to the doomed girl Laura Palmer aura that Rachel gives off. Of course I can’t measure the thing as a complete whole until the other episodes are out but, just measured as a single episode, I think I liked it better than any single episode of the first game.

Also - somebody on the team is a big fan of insult swordfighting from The Secret of Monkey Island.


Someone more familiar with both games should make a separate thread for this prequel. It sounds like it deserves its own thread.


This is a tremendous compliment, @divedivedive! Although as the gameplay designer, I feel even more flattered by this comparison:

So glad you liked it. I think you’ll like Ep 2!


How appropriate. You fight like a cow.


I think you guys did a really solid job of capturing the feel of the locations and characters of the original game. If I hadn’t know going in that it was a different group I wouldn’t have guessed. I’d say that if anyone has concerns that this game is a quick money grab, it really isn’t.

There’s lots of little bits that just feel great in this game. I’ve never played D&D but I loved sitting in on an impromptu session with Chloe, it made me appreciate what people see in those games. Also, there’s a great line reading that cracked me up - Chloe is looking through her medicine cabinet and finds hair dye that her mother uses now that she is dating David, and she speculates that maybe gray hair is his kryptojite. But then the way she says “Maybe I should color my hair gray.” just got me, it felt so authentically teen-aged world weary that I had to laugh.


@Nightgaunt I’m pretty sure my question is covered elsewhere, but you guys didn’t get the original voice cast back! What gives?