Lifestyles of the rich & famous - IN BED

So I go down to the Pottery Barn today to pick up a new set of sheets; the old ones are getting kind of ratty. 100% cotton 400 thread count for $130 - ok, a bit pricey, but I’ll see if they’re really better than the $50 200 thread count cotton ones.

On the way out I see this other bed place, and figure I’ll duck in and check prices. Can’t remember the name; it involved France somehow. I can’t find any comparable thread count sheets, but I do happen upon:

1075 thread count plain white cotton sheets. $435 for a queen-size set.

I’m not making this up. I know the Pacific Place mall here in Seattle is for richy-rich types, but good lord.

Did you try the Pottery Barn in the U-Village? And maybe Restoration Hardware right next to it. I know they kinda suck, but they did sell some nice sheets, I think.

I’m actually now in market for a nice queen size bed in the Bay Area. Anyone got any good recommendations for stylish but affordable? For some reason, I’ve got my mind set on a sleigh bed.

400 thread count? Are you trying to exfoliate whilst you sleep? I won’t sleep on anything with less than double that.

I bought Queen-size 1000 thread-count sheets at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $200. Well worth it, IMO.

I have to laugh at Bill’s comment (not at Bill, mind you). My wife got us some high thread count sheets for our wedding (meaning, she registered for them). I don’t know offhand what the TCs are, but they’re 500+. I barely notice a difference. They’re “softer”, but I lived 29 years on crappy JCPennt sheets, I could do it again. I honestly would rather spend $30 on sheets and have the extra $200 for important stuff.

The reason I don’t understand the 1000 thing, regardless of price:

Not that they’re experts.

A few years ago I threw out the horrible 50% poly/50% cotton shit I had a got some 200 thread count all cotton. That was nice. The 400 feels only a little better, but paying ever-more? $400?

Just buy Ghost Recon. You’ll never sleep again. Problem solved.

Jason has a high post count and doesn’t want to go for a high thread count? WTF?

Maybe it’s all psychosomatic self-justification, but I have no trouble telling the difference between my current 1000-count sheets and my prior 450-count ones. The 1000-count ones definitely feel better to sleep on, at least to me. I wouldn’t have paid $400 for them, but at $200 they were well worth it as far as I’m concerned. YMMV.


$50 or $140 for a bed sheet? Are you people completely insane? I always buy some nondescript cotton sheets for like $20 at the local supermarket…

Sure they’re not those filthy poly/cotton blends? God, that shit scratches.

No, 100% pure cotton. Mass-produced, very cheap, and doesn’t scratch at all. Sure, I could go to some specialty store and buy luxury linens, but why bother?

Given how much time we spend in bed, I think spending a little more for something better seems justified. Probably smarter to put the extra money into the mattress quality than the sheets. Also, this thread makes it sound like you all have one set of sheets.

And Christoph’s are $30 sheets.

No wonder he’s so grumpy.

I never heard of this thread count thing for bedsheets. Buncha wimmen. ;)

I have heard of stuffing cash in the bed mattress as a safe place to keep it for a rainy day…but that was IN the mattress, not ON the sheets.

Why, I have no idea what you’re talking about!