Light, high-res laptop suggestions Wanted

Get an SSD!

Anyone else notice that sonystyle shopping link subtracts $ when you move it to an i5? What’s up with that?

Read reviews on the T series very closely. The TN display panel on my 410 is TRAGIC bad. Like, if I was using it regularly, I would have returned it. Off angle performance is horrifyingly bad.

I kept it because I use it as a portable dev kit with the assumption I’ll be plugged into a monitor except for emergencies.

“No. No. Huh Huh. No. No! No! No! Hell No! NO! NO! I refuse to… No! No!”

I’m trying to keep costs down dude. :)

This is a mobile machine I’ll drag to clients (network troubleshooting) and also use for web based email, invoicing, Google Docs, Evernote, the occasional Skype, etc. It won’t be running any heavy apps, and it’s not my primary workstation.

That’s true of the T410s, too, except that I mostly don’t worry about it. I won’t use it for photo-editing, but then I won’t use any non-IPS laptop for photo-editing, and there are virtually no high-res IPS laptops these days anyway, so.

I’m not saying that IPS is the only way to go, but somehow Lenovo’s TN display panels are markedly worse than the ones I’ve seen from other manufacturers. I haven’t bothered to research WHY, but damn, my ancient 2006 MBP looks a million times better and it’s not IPS either.

Okay, touche.

Yeah. I’ve come to realize the anti-glare 1600x900 screen on my Sony isn’t IPS, but it is perhaps the best TN panel I’ve ever seen.

No, that’s absolutely true, it is worse. It’s just that in practice, this ends up not being a big deal for me. If I’m web surfing, it doesn’t bother me; if I’m photo-editing, it wouldn’t be good enough no matter what, so.

Yeah, the Z series has a great screen. It was out of my budget so I went with an Lenovo x220 which has an IPS panel as an upgrade. Great viewing angles, but it doesn’t cover the sRGB gamut as well as the Z.