Lightning strike just made my smoke detectors go off

I’m not sure if my house got hit - I feel like crap today so I’m laying low. But a lightning strike hit or terminated right near the top of our hosue and made all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors go off at once for almost 2 seconds. Theories? And no, my house isn’t on fire. But I’m so damn depressed as half my pond has shed it’s sides and dumped them in the middle of the empty crater that was my unfihinsed pond. It took me 9 fricking years to make this thing and then to watch it wash away… but no, or yes, I did not just lay down. I went into that malestrom - and fought it. I even went on the roof with aluminum ladder to tell the sky just how pissed I was at their shitty timing - ok, also to if see my gutters were clogged (1 of 5 was) since all the rain was cascading off the roof and torpedo bombing the side of the pond next to the house. Loaded covering wjhatever its called to sdrape over the drees and add stone weights. WHy couldn’t it get hut/humid/muggy in two weeks when I have an shit-critters chance in homeroom of being done?

Now I’ve got to make a friggen DAM just to make he sides hold. Arrggghhhh

You know, our weather people really suck too. I’m gong to fricking bed

God I love jpinard SO MUCH.

You should write for harpers.

I think that storm is passing over Detroit right now, because we just saw a truckload of lightning and it started raining like it was fixing to flood the planet.

I can’t make out what jpinard is saying. Can someone translate?

Basically it was a rant that the we’ve been hit with a week of high heat, wicked humidity, and a series of thunderstorms which has nearly wiped out 9 years worth of work - in that my main pond walls collapsed. If that doesn’t sound bad to you, imagine a 14’ in ground swimming pool where all the sides look like a New Orleans ruptured levee.

I’d been trying to muddle through the heat to get some beams cemented in place so this very thing wouldn’t happen (which would hold the new framework for the pond). Passed out 3 nights ago and my wife had to come home early.

One of the problems is one side of the pond is just a few feet from the house, and since one of the eavestroughs wasn’t working the torrential downpour was like a waterfall on the side.

So last night I wanted to complain as I was very depressed that I might never get my pond back together this summer and I take extreme risks with my health going out in this heat/humidity. So all in all, killing myself the last weeks was a big far waste.

Well, it’s 7:30 am - I’ve had one hour of sleep (right after I wrote this last night), and I’m going to try to somehow MacGuyver up my pond so we have something left after today’s oncoming storm.

Sorry, just feel really overwhelmed and frustrated as my pond = my source of peace/healing, and right now it represents really ugly chaos.

I have to beat this storm, or maybe I’ll work through it? Can you still work with cement in the rain? Like if I cover the newly (if I get to it) cemented post holes with something, will the cement still be OK? If its raining I won’t even need to add my own water, and for once, cement dust wouldn’t be a problem.

What is the purpose of the pond (if you don’t mind me asking)? I gather its not for swimming… and is some sort of landscaping project…

Could be worse, jp – I just went downstairs, and the basement carpet is squishy. Sump pump is running fine, but there appears to be seepage through the foundation under the fucking carpets.

Moments like this, I wish I was a renter.

Oh, and after the 5-6" of rain last night, they’re predicting more thunderstorms 'round noon and again this evening.

Dude, that sucks. Best of luck to you and the frops. You can pull through this if you join forces!

He’s raising frops, see his earlier thread about his neighbors.

Back in August of 2001, a big, tall pine tree in our front yard got hit by lightning. The next day you could see a long scar running down the trunk of the tree, and a semicircle of pitch radiating outward from the base.

I’m pretty sure there must have been a small EMP burst or something involved, too, because the UART chip on the computer – which was completely unplugged – was fried and every device with an infrared remote (the TV, the VCR, the garage doors, etc) turned on simultaneously. I was videotaping the dog’s reaction to the storm, and the video camera shut off right as the lightning flashed, and wouldn’t turn on again for 10 minutes.

Anyone have a ShamWOW the size of a king mattress I can borrow?

Your cement will probably be weaker than cement made normally, and obviously it won’t dry/set very quickly…

Look at the positiv side.
It gives you the chance to do it right.
I mean - leave a laminated note under the pond.

Every time I get envious of those awesome Midwest thunder storms I’ll think of this quote and be thankful we don’t get them here in California.

I’d trade a fried computer for a soaked basement.

it has been storm tastic here in madison this weekend.

Sorry Jp. Keep your head up man. Who knows what will come from this…

Yay, more thunderstorms about to roll through. I’ve never feared rain like this before, but goddamn, if we have another night like last night, I’ll probably have two feet of water in my house.