Lightsaber game + Wii = WIN

Just from watching that Red Steel video I’m starting to get a sense of the controller’s potential. And inevitably it makes me think how much hotter it would be if, instead of just waving a sword, you were getting busy with a lightsaber.

Lucas needs to get cracking on that shit. In fact, I’m sure they already are. I just can’t wait to hear about it. I want to press the button on the wiimote and make the lightsaber on-screen go WOOOSH as it starts up, and wave it around and hear it going all WHOOM, WHOOOM, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

Sorry, it’s late and I’m not exactly at the top of my game writing-wise right now. But god damn I want to see this game happen, please. Let it be the final nail in Sony’s coffin.

I’d buy it. Drunken lightsaber fight parties!

Actually, the Wiimote itself would make that sound. And you have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

I just don’t see how it would work. How would you keep the on-screen saber in synch with the controller movements when someone parries your attack?

Perhaps it is because I’m not a console / Nintendo fanboy, but the first things I thought of when I saw the Wiimote was a lightsaber and a gun for Star Wars and FPS action … and when I learned of the speaker all I heard in my head was click-whirr-swoosh!

I believe there was already a teaser movie, pre-E3, that showed two Wiimotes turning into lightsabers and going at it. It was just an animated promo video, but I’d say that it’s a pretty good indication that one is in the works.

As far as I know, that video was not produced by anyone with any connection to Lucasarts or Nintendo. It was just a fan production, and not indicative of anything.

That said, Lucasarts would be foolish to not make a lightsaber Wii game.

It would be really cool if you could Duel your “Buddy” and then watch the replay on the screen afterwards.

Awesome - now we can all be the Star Wars Kid!

I keep seeing this “concern” about the ability of the wiimote to simulate swordfighting. I don’t get it.

As gamers, we’ve convinced ourselves that atari paddles that moved blocks around on screen were sufficient to simulate a ping pong game, we’ve convinced ourselves that WASD + mouse was a fun way to simulate running around and shooting stuff in FPS-type games, we’ve convinced ourselves that a joystick + computer keyboard simulates the cockpit of an airplane, and we’ve used gamepads to simulate driving, fighting, sports, etc. on various consoles for years now.

Yet suddenly the fact that the wiimote won’t somehow magically deflect when your on-screen slash is parried is OMG GOING TO BREAK IMMERSION?!?


So much so that it necessitated me losing all grammer abilities. But the idea of having the Wiimote serving as a lightsaber with the other controller serving as your blaster could make for some great gameplay.

We’d all never date again… but it would make for some great gameplay.

I think the reaction is because lots of people seem to approach the wiimote as being almost a VR device rather than just another controller. The reason people love the idea of wii lightsabers is because they imagine that the wii will “be” the lightsaber, and that would be pretty tough to pull off I think. If you want to just use the wii to make mouse-gesture type input, that seems workable (and you could have gestures that are (1) more complex because you have an extra dimension to work in and (2) closer to the “real thing” than a mouse gesture). But I think people have this idea that you will totally control the lightsaber, that it will duplicate whatever moves you make and realistically interact with the environment on the screen while doing so. In other words, rather than “Okay this gesture for slash, gesture for slash, now gesture for overhand, gesture for block, gesture for slash” people are thinking they’re going to just wave the sword around and attack “naturally.” I would love to see someone pull that off, but I just don’t understand how it could work since the onscreen sword will always be falling out of sync with your real arm.

I agree, also since the controller won’t be reacting to physics onscreen like a “real” lightsaber would.

I bet the games that will come out and the advances that come from the “modability” of the controller and the devices you can plug into it.

When the Dual screen came out Nintendo played up the dual screen and how awesome it would be to see things on two screens, they even named the machine after the dual screens. Turns out the second screen is a bunch of nonsense that isn’t put to good use. However the touchscreen is awesome. Kirby and Meteos are great examples of games that put the touchscreen to some awesome use.

We’ll see if the stuff Nintendo is playing up is really the stuff that makes us go WOW (or go wii haha I crack myself up) about the machine.

Yeah I think any expectatinos of full-on realism with the wiimote are pretty unrealistic. And if that’s what folks are trying to debunk, more power to them. I’ve gotta say though – after seeing the Red Steel stuff, I’m plenty excited for the wiimote as an advance in controller technology even though it will never be as real as “the real thing.”

We already are.

I would totally buy a Wii if they made a Jedi Knight series for it :D.

EDIT: and I’ve never touched a console before in my life… Wii just might be the first one that isn’t a cheap PC imitator

I’ve already said in another thread that there is a $40 set-top game with an IR-tracking light saber controller that successfully pulls off the whole thing.

It’s not an issue.

Out of curiosity, how does it handle blocking? For example, let’s say I slash left to right intending to cut my opponent in half, but he blocks. Now the onscreen lightsaber is at my 11 o’clock, but my arm is at my 3 o’clock. Does the saber warp to my arm? Or try to move to my arm as quickly as it can without hitting anything? Or do I have to move my arm back to “pick it up”? Or what?

Me and a friend was talking exactly about such a game yesterday, especially after the revelation of the speaker in the wiimote. We decided that we don’t even need a TV for such a game. We’ll just wave the wiimote around and listen to the noises, for hours on end. Blocking? We would just point the wiimote at each other on purpose, to make that “sabers-clashing” sound.