Lightyear - Buzz Lightyear origin movie

OK that looks kinda awesome.

I don’t really get the hook for the story, but it’s pretty.

‘Dude blasts off in a rocketship’ is pretty much all the hook I’ve never needed. But the Bowie didn’t hurt either.

I guess my questions so far would be based on what I already know of Buzz Lightyear.

Is this all some fever-dream of his, like the times he imagines his toy lore being real?

If the trailer stuff is “real” does that mean the toy Buzz is based on this guy? Does that further mean Toy Story was actually set in the future?

I’m sure the movie will be fine and have lots of love from the Disney fabase, but the core idea feels almost anathema to me. Foregoing Toy Story’s wonderful toys-come-to-life aspect in lieu of a “serious” telling of the Brand™️-based origins of Buzz does not resonate with me at all.

If it was a movie of Buzz recalling his make-believe origins mixed in with the actual brand creation from the (in-universe) manufacturers and marketers point of view, now that I’d find interesting.

Oh, I get it. You guys might have missed this, but there was a cartoon Disney made some years back called ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command’, and it’s just all about the adventures of Buzz Lightyear. Not a toy, but the Buzz that the toy was based on, in context of Toy Story. This is probably the same kind of deal.

In Toy Story Buzz was always some product inspired by a movie/show think Star Wars figures, this I believe is the in Toy Story universe movie that the toys were licensed from.

To be fair, I am not Disney’s core audience for this. I completely forgot there was a kids show of the very same thing until dive-triple’s post mentioned it.

Boo! I want it to be something weird like this is all going on in Buzz’s broken mind as he slips into toy-death. The dream adventure getting darker and darker until he finally snaps out of his fever and realizes that he’s drifting into oblivion, on his deathbed, surrounded by Woody and friends.

Wait, so this is a movie about a TV show? Not a movie about the “real” Buzz Lightyear who goes on actual adventures and then becomes a TV show and toys?

Maybe? I don’t know conclusively one way or the other.

Yeah I was wondering that too. Isn’t his origin that he was thought up by some guy at a toy company and then was made in a factory?

Sure, that doesn’t really answer the question.

What is this movie about? Is it to be taken at face value as literally a movie created for us, based on, but not directly tied to, a Disney character? I.e. we’re not supposed to try to rationalize this as a “real” story about real humans that takes place in the fictional universe of Toy Story, for all the reasons already mentioned about how that timeline makes no sense?

Or is this supposed to perhaps be a new piece of media in the Toy Story world, basically like some meta-nostalgic context where this is a movie Andy might now watch as an adult, a retelling of the Buzz Lightyear cartoons he would’ve watched as a kid (and seen above), now targeted to him as an adult (and us)?

Unsure how accurate, but the IMDB trivia says:

This is not a story about the Toy Story (1995) action figure or the cartoon series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000), but the origin of the in-universe astronaut who inspired the cartoon and toys.

Yeah, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but okay! I hope that means we see the gritty origins of Pizza Planet too!

Seems simple to me, in that it’s about the humans of the Toy Story universe, not the toys.

But we don’t really know exactly what it is for sure, we only have that single teaser. Maybe there’s a twist! :)

Right? That means Toy Story takes place in the future, or an alternate Earth where we had super-advanced space tech in the past.