Lileks on gaming

You know, everyone made fun of Koontz for his bizarre Qt3 posting analyses, yet now that I think about it, you’re doing something even more laughable…you’re writing Qt3 fan fiction.

For the children…please stop.

I don’t get it. Is this thread being beamed in from a parallel universe where Saddam’s stockpiles of WMDs have been found and Iraq is now a thriving democracy?

No, you obviously don’t get it.

Now, take your one pathetic post and LEAVE.

Don’t make Tyjenks come over there and put you in your place.

hell, I’m bored. Tell Ty to come on over here.

Where’s the Wumpus when you need him?

I’ve been thoroughly schooled by your rhetorical prowess and your manliness. You’ve reduced me to a whimpering heap on the floor.

To quote comedian Lorne Elliot:

“The trouble with hating the French is you actually have to go up and talk to them first to find out if they’re French, and then you find out you don’t hate them any more.”

At least racists can go around hating people on sight alone.


Boy, Lorne Elliot must have been about the crappiest comedian ever. Actually, there’s probably some French comedians out there that really suck.

Anyway, none of this is about “hating” anybody. It’s the leftists and liberals that often want to make every disagreement into “hate” so that they can demonize the “haters.”

I don’t hate the people of France at all, and probably nobody else here does either. The disagreement is one of politics and culture. It’s not about people it’s about ideas. Namely French ideas. That suck.

Also…pass the Freedom Toast DrCrypt.

All the stuff on the right about the perfidious French is just a love tap!

Are you saying you hate liberals?

Nah, liberals are great. What I really hate are space liberals. You know, from space.

Man I love The Narrator - it’s like drive-by shootings - it always hits the mark.

This has been a very revealing thread. We have learnt, for instance, that DrCrypt and others after lifetimes of ingrained bigotry do not like to think of themselves as acting in a racist manner, and so they engage in (rather insecure) semantic fiddle-faddling and other manipulations common among those in denial. This is because racist has become one of those words, like paedophile that is now firmly associated with the socially unacceptable. They are more concerned with the label than their actions.

Whether or not you apply the correct label your actions are still morally unacceptable. Face it. You are like an alchoholic who denies that he drinks too much. The first step to recovery is acceptance. Go ahead, say it, “My name is <insert name here>, and I have engaged in racist behaviour.”

Now you can make progress from here, and stop yourself when you realise you are about to fall back into morally unacceptable activity.

Industry Dwarf

PS For the ironic posters: I’m not entirely sure that everyone who posted on this thread realised you were joking. Sad ain’t it.

Yeah. You revealed that you’re a ding-dong.

Yeah. You revealed that you’re a ding-dong.[/quote]

I win!

Tyrion, even if your claim that I was “racist” against the French was true (and it isn’t, to the point of being absurd - the last girl I was with was a Parisian, up until very recently I was spending a weekend in Paris a month, and I’m moving to Paris early next year just because I love France so much), the fact that you can’t separate in your mind political dissent with a culture from irrational xenophobic hatred speaks a lot as to the simplicity of your state of mind. Everything else you’ve ever written on this forum says the rest.

Here’s a summary of your philosophy: criticizing a culture means that you are racist. Consequently, I’m assuming you are racist against Germans, what with that whole Nazi * thing and all. That’s very revealing. Don’t try to deny it - you are like a stupid person who denies that they have spent too much time slamming their own head in doors and role-playing as imaginary dwarves, and not enough time preventing themselves from exploding in hysterically inappropriate indignation everytime someone makes a good natured joke about their ally. Oh wait…

  • And before Jason McCullough gallops in here on the Democrat Donkey, like an absurdly top heavy Sancho Pansa, and, flapping his hands around his jowls, prissily intones “Godwin’s Law!!!” - hey, this isn’t the Final Fantasy Legends newsgroup, paco.

Huh? Nationalism isn’t racism, obviously.

With a tip o’ the cap to The Narrator

Seeing someone dare to cast him in something that can be construed as negative by someone, DrCrypt mounts his Donkey which he has christened with all the latest gear and once again rides to protect what he cares about most… his own reputation.