Limp Bizkit reunited

I liked Nookie and Rollin. I liked the video for Nookie especially, with the sort of boys and girls call and response bit at the end, and there was a super duper cute black woman in it, following Durst around.

That one guy always seemed like he was in an entirely different band, and I guess he kind of agreed, didn’t he? Ghost/monkeyface guy?

That’s pretty much the end of my opinions on Limp Bizkit.

Wes Borland, who appeared talented but then went and formed his own band with other talented people (Danny Lohner, Josh Freese) and it was absolute crap.

What does this mean for The Education of Charlie Banks?

Please stay in film, Fred. You might be generic and a waste of time, but you are not outright awful at that.

This is Blink 182’s fault.

Seriously guys, I was all set to make a parody thread about an even worse band from the late nineties reuniting, but I don’t think there is one.

My sincere hope is that Limp Bizkit and Blink 182 will actually merge and become one band, so that instead of having two shitty groups put out bad records every year, there’ll just be the one to avoid annually.

Yeah, it was like a second-rate Ween tribute band. I still think Borland is a talented guy, he just operates better as a sideman. It’s too bad that he is stuck as a sideman to Fred Durst.

Dre supported them. They have that going for them. But what does Dre think now???

I forgot about Dre.

You’re thinking of Big Dumb Face, I’m talking about Black Light Burns which actually sold a few cds.

Don’t EVER forget about Dre. Rule # 4 I taught my children. Don’t you EVER forget about Dre.

They should only be allowed to release songs where most of the lyrics are Method Man.

Doubling up the failures isn’t going to make it better.

I hear their first single is a rocked out version of Ride of the Valkyries, now with rap lyrics! And yes, those lyrics will be trite and poorly rhymed.

Yeah, you’re right. I stopped paying attention after Big Dumb Face. I didn’t know about Black Light Burns. Sounds like it’s just as well, though, huh?

edit: checked 'em out on MySpace. I agree with your assessment 100%.

I really dug the Black Light Burns CD. I think Borland tried to get a vocalist, but ended up just doing it himself. I think they released their second CD for free from their website, but I never got around to downloading it. I would not say it was absolute crap, but to each his own.

Borland made a lot of those LB songs good. I still llisten to 3 Dollar Bill Ya’ll. The Nookie CD was crazy catchy and I enjoyed it, too. Then the band trailed off as I believe Durst ran out of ideas and catchy hooks.


Oh god have mercy on our souls…