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“It’s like ‘The Edge’ but with a bear”. I can’t stop laughing at this. (For those that don’t know, The Edge also had a bear).


Which is the podcast where Tom gets Dingus’ name correct on the sign-off and all Dingus can say is “actually, yeah”?


sinnick I miss you so much


Did you photoshop Saoirse Ronan’s neck with the giraffe tool while you were at it?


You can’t photoshop elegance like that.


Haven’t seen the movie, but I like the poster!


Photoshop Elegance sounds like the name of your company that cleans up prom photos.



So great, again sinnick.

If you look at that poster really quick, it kind of looks like Joel Edgerton is a little dude attached to her like Kuato.



That’s a very good question. I’ll do a little research and get back to you.


sinnick, your awesomeness continues.


Truly awesome, sinnick.

Working in “now she just needs to shoot it” is sublime.



I really thought that “now she just needs to shoot it” might possibly be the real tagline – so I listened with glee to Kelly’s taglines, waiting for it…


We were lucky enough to get both a tagline and a pull quote this week.


I have a feeling it was around the time of (spits) Prometheus


Can you check out the Killing Them Softly podcast and let me know if that is what you were looking for.


Damn you’re good. That’s a score. Thanks!


There are a ton of photoshopped Deadpool posters out there. I guess this movie inspires that sort of creativity from its fans?

Also, thanks for posting these to the front page, Tom! I started with the intention to do them for all the 2016 movies, mainly because it’s fun for me (strangely) and the taglines make me laugh. We’ll see if I can keep up with it…

BTW - marquac, is it okay that I co-opted your thread for these? I could start a new thread if it makes more sense.


sinnick, I love that you are using this thread for your posters.


Me too.