Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


OK I haven’t listened to the La La Land podcast yet, but that tag line made me LOL IRL.


@sinnick you are awesome!


So much awesomeness in one batch! I almost can’t take it. I really would like to find some better way to highlight these. Right now, they’re tucked on a page here. But if anyone has any ideas, let me know.



If you haven’t listened to the John Wick: Chapter 2 the 2017 Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fundraiser has started.

For each dollar that you donate before March 12 you will get one vote to choose what movie the guys will watch and talk about for the March 19 Quarter to Three Movie Podcast. The draw to decide the movie will be done on the March 12 podcast.

@tomchick Can you confirm that you cannot vote for a movie that has already been featured on a Quarter to Three Movie Podcast?

I had forgotten that you guys had mentioned that a few weeks back.


Bump. Just because the search algorithm is pushing this thread way farther down than I’d like when I search for it. Hopefully this post will help.


The Movie Podcast for Wonder Woman will be podcast #400. Congratulations Tom, Dingus, and Kelly!


'member the Basket Case sound effect episode? That was awesome.

“All right be sure to turn your speakers up for this next one,” Tom says reassuringly.

I’d kinda like a remake of that episode without the messed up audio synchronization. Though that is part of the charm. Hearing the “Ugghh!” then a second of silence, then Dingus loses it.


400 is a hundred more than the number of Spartans at the Hot Gates! Just sayin’.



Hella achivement. Congratulations, guys.


Which episode was that?



When are you going to do “Prevenge”, written, directed and starring the magnificent Alice Lowe? I think you’ll groove on it.


Due to wumpus removing the ability to edit old posts I won’t be able to update the list anymore. However you can find an always up to date list of the movie podcast episodes on the front page here.


That was just a default Discourse setting. I didn’t realize it was even there, but I’ve removed the limit. You can now edit your posts in perpetuity if you like!



Awesome! Thank you, Tom.


Happy 8th anniversary Qt3 Movie podcast!

From the Sistopsis at the 15:19 mark:

Kellywand: “Some music plays. They’re in Florida. General Leia leia in’s over to me and croaks…”

General Leia: “In Episode 6 my character’s most exciting moment is finding out she’s another character’s sister. Which almost gets Luke killed during everyone’s least favorite lightsaber duel.”

Dingus: “Jesus.”

General Leia: “The Ewoks also braid my hair. So take that Bechdel Test.”

Digus: “Wha… What?”

Kellywand: “Scribbling furiously, I’m all ‘please keep saying stuff’. Leia’s all…”

General Leia: “Well Kelly, you see, every lightsaber duel ends conclusively in a different way. But J.J. Abrams was the first to introduce a suddenly appearing chasm in the middle of it. That was his innovation.”

Dingus: “What is happening right now?”

General Leia: “See Dingus, Damond Lindelof did do a little ghost writing. Damond Lindelof was like the ghost of Obi Wan, watching and smiling over us 24 and episode 7.


To hear about Movie Podcast format change jump to the 01:25:01 mark of the Justice League podcast.


Any possibility of summing up the changes in the thread? I don’t listen to the podcast as much as I used to, mainly due to time demands rather than lack of interest, but I like to keep up with goings on as best I can.


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

The movie of the week and the 3x3 will now be separate podcasts. Each month will have a movie of the week for the first three weeks (or four in a five week month) with no 3x3. The last week of each month will have a podcast dedicated solely to the 3x3 with no movie of the week.

Dingus, Tom, would this be a correct interpretation?


It’s going to be a bit messed up this month, since we’re doing Dingus’ 3x3 next week. But going forward, the idea is that the last Sunday of every month will be the 3X3 episode, where we use the topic to just talk about whatever movies happen to come up.

This means a couple of things. It will give people more time and opportunities to participate in the 3x3s, because we’ll be announcing them three or four time, across separate podcasts, before finally doing the topic. It also means we will see slightly fewer movies, so we won’t feel obligated to do stuff like Jigsaw, Unlocked, or Snatched, which we only see because we can’t come up with anything else recently relevant (particularly helpful during the January release season). And it means our podcast will hopefully be more palatable for people who don’t want to listen to two hours plus of us. :)