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What kind of madman would want less?


Splitting up 3x3 and featured movie discussion is frightening change, but I’ll deal.

Look, here’s the most important question…

I saw Murder on the Orient Express a few weeks ago, largely because it was the next in line for the podcast. The fear percolating up is that I’ve seen it, and will have to face that memory forever alone. Will there be no Murder on the Orient Expressopsis?


A most excellent question.

You aren’t the only one who took that bullet. I even sent in an email.


We had intended to record a Murder on the Orient Express podcast, but one of us who was traveling and said he would set up a time to record remotely was unable to set up said time. So rather than do a Murder on the Orient Express podcast without the guy who would make seeing Murder on the Orient Express worth seeing by providing a Murdopsis on the Orientopsis Expopsis, we decided to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri instead. Hopefully you enjoyed the synopsis for that was. It was written by paid professionals at Fox Searchlight.



I assume you’re talking about Murder on the Orient Express from the writer of Blade Runner 2049?


Holy crap. Good pull.


Nope, Murder on the Orient Express from the writer of Green Lantern.



I could see that.



“If a patient gets difficult, you quone them.”


Tom, I’m concerned that Kelly will no longer have an outlet for delivering creepy responses to your “time to start the 3x3” prompts. Can you assure us he will be OK?


Happy 9th anniversary Quarter to Three Movie Podcast!



Thank you, Chris!



Bon anniversaire!

Can’t wait til next year when I can post a Grosse Pointe Blank clip.


Every instance of Kelly Wand saying “Ooooooo!”


That was great, @sinnick. Thank you for making that.