Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


The clips are pretty brief. I doubt they’d get you in trouble, and telling people what the music is means they can then go buy it, which is a positive result for the artist. (Not that people always act in their own best interests.) The Qt3 podcasts aren’t the only ones I listen to that use snips of copyrighted music or sometimes other copyrighted audio. (E.g. Filmspotting uses brief audio clips of movies, particularly the one(s) they’re discussing.)


I think you are, actually. If you can make the argument that the different music bed themes are used specifically for various movies being discussed and thus set the theme for each week’s podcast, you’re showing enough of a link and transformative property that playing just 20-30 seconds is fine. You are not charging for the podcast and any link to for-profit endeavors is sketchy at best.

You’re fine.


As of September 23, 2014 there have been 258 QT3 movie podcasts.

The longest podcast was #114 The Best of 2011 which clocked in at 2 hours 53 minutes and 10 seconds.

The shortest podcast was #184 Not Great Gatsby which lasted a mere 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

If you wanted to listen to all 258 movie podcasts (or if you have) it would take you (or has taken you) 468 hours, 24 minutes and 47 seconds or 19.5 days to do so.

Going forward I think we are all very sure of two things:

  1. Dingus and Kelly Wand will still be excellent as a duo (like Edith and Archie Bunker).

  2. That QT3 movie podcast #516 will be a Tom Chick, Christien Murawski and Kelly Wand podcast.


I’m sure it’s occurred to them, but remembering when Bruce Geryk was on the Beasts of the Southern Wilds podcast makes me think that adding a special guest on some weeks might be cool.


I know it’s a day early, but Happy 5th Anniversary QT3 Movie Podcast!!!


Wow! 5 years!

Happy anniversary, QT3 Movie Podcast. And Marquac, thank you for all your work with the QT3 Movie Podcast data analysis. I think it’s fascinating when Christien reveals some of the numbers on the air. For example: Check out the movie podcast for Fury, in which we find out the most cited movie in 3x3s to date! It blows Kelly’s mind.


Thank you for the kind words fire. If you go to the first page of the 3x3 thread you can see which movies were picked more than 4 times by each of the guys as well as a little music analysis.


When I first started listening to the movie podcasts, I was working out of the Bakken Oil Field. My drives were interminable, at all hours, and lonely–seeing mile after mile of NOTHING at 0200 gets old fast. the QT3 movie podcast changed that and made all those drives a blast–it was like having friends there. Thanks, y’all.


Holy damn is this cool.


I love knowing now that Paranormal Activity was the very first movie you podcasted (I haven’t seen it, but once I have, I’ll listen) and that you chose The Fantastic Mr Fox shortly thereafter.

Xtien and Kelly, you’re really quite amazing as a pair on the podcast. I figured that you’d do well, but I didn’t think there would be so much energy and humor and insight. Super great job!


Thanks for saying that, Dave. It really means a lot to me. Doing the podcast without Tom is really hard, especially morale-wise, so the fact that those qualities are coming through for you is really great, and very helpful to know.

Also, reading the movies you choose to watch for the Mini Movie Club makes me smile.

Incidentally, I wanted to let you know the podcast for Interstellar will be up later. Sorry about that. We are having some issues with the editing.

Thanks again, Dave.


“Let’s bring it down to 75.”


And thank you for that post! I appreciate knowing that my notes aren’t annoying. :)

“Do you know what your parents did to me?”


Interstellar was the first podcast I’ve listened to without Tom. I usually don’t listen to podcasts for movies I have zero interest in (Dracula Untold, for example), and I definitely don’t listen to the podcasts for movies I do want to see if I haven’t had a chance yet (Nightcrawler), so it just worked out that way.

It was great! Tom is missed, of course, but I’m so glad you guys have kept it going. Thanks.

(Also I loved the little bit of speculation about how Tom might’ve interpreted the end of the movie as I remembered my arguments with him about Take Shelter and Enter the Void.)


Absolutely. Thanks Wholly. We’ve kept it going at his behest, and I think he was right to insist we do so. I appreciate the feedback.

Also, please to see Nightcrawler when you can. Do not listen before you do.


“No bicycle has 37 gears.”


Because 37 is prime?


Nerd alert.





@mcmaster just tweeted that the movies and games podcasts have been downloaded over a million times. Congratulations guys!


Thank you, marquac!



For anyone who hasn’t listened to the It Follows podcast, you might want to listen to the first few minutes at least.