Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


This week’s Ant Man podcast will be the #300 Qt3 Movie Podcast.

During this time there have been 4 weeks without a podcast uploaded to listen to (Not Great Gatsby only clocks in at just over 2 minutes but I still count it as a podcast).

There have also been 4 weeks where there have been two podcasts released.

The last time that there wasn’t a new Qt3 Movie Podcast to listen to was the week of February 5, 2012 which was after #118 The Grey and before #119 Chronicle.

Two movie podcasts, #217 with Blair Erickson and #225 with Manuel Carballo were interviews conducted by Tom with each director. These are the only two movie podcasts that Dingus and KellyWand were not a part of.

There have been a total of 2,441 3x3 selections made by Tom, Dingus, Kelly and Bruce Geryk (Bruce participated in a 3x3 on podcast #147 Beasts of the Southern Wild).

The movie picked most by Tom is Jaws at 13 times.

The movie picked most by Dingus is Rushmore at 13 times.

The movie picked most by KellyWand is Zapped! at 17 times.

I’ve updated the guys picks in the 3x3 thread up to podcast #299. Check the first page of that thread if you are interested.

If you wanted to listen to all 300 movie podcasts (or if you have) it would take you (or has taken you) 543 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds or about 22 and a half days to do so.

The longest podcast was #114 The Best of 2011 which clocked in at 2 hours 53 minutes and 10 seconds.

The shortest podcast was #184 Not Great Gatsby which lasted a mere 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Tom had to step away from the podcast after #257 The Guest and returned for #282 It Follows. During that time Dingus and Kelly kept the podcast going as a duo. During this time there were no 3x3’s since you need three people for it to work.

The Mini (Pini) Movie Clubapalooza ran from podcast #260 Dracula Untold and ended with #281 Chappie.

The over/under concept was first brought forward by Disqus user JoeX111 on the front page comments section of the Equalizer podcast. Dingus and Kelly then did an Over/Under for the first time on the Dracula Untold podcast. With the exception of the Best of episodes, the over/under has been on every podcast since.

KellyWand’s reading of an IMDB synopsis started on podcast #250 Guardians of the Galaxy and has become a regular feature of every podcast since.

At the start of each podcast, after the opening music the hosts are introduced. Everyone is probably familiar with Tom Chick and KellyWand being introduced but there have been many, many different Christien’s that have been introduced as well. The Christiens who have been introduced the most are:

Christien Murawski 24 times
Christien Molenski 24 times
Christien Mukranski 7 times
Christien Mulanski 7 times
Christien McKlanski 6 times
Christien Mukowski 5 times
Christien Mukrawlski 5 times
Christien Mukrawski 5 times
Christien Mularky 5 times
Christien Moronski 4 times

Congratulations on reaching 300 guys!


Holy shit. Me likey!


Great job. :D

Especially love the Christien tally!

(p.s. I miss you sinnick!)


In case anyone (probably nobody) was wondering about the entire body of introductions…

Christien (it begins with an ‘M’)
Christien Bukowski
Christien Clark Kenneth Milkowski
Christien Delarski
Christien Dinanski
Christien Kurzanski
Christien Kurzhinski
Christien Kuwolski
Christien Lubezki
Christien Maloiski
Christien Malzanski
Christien Manasti
Christien Mantanski
Christien Marganski
Christien Markovski
Christien Markrawski
Christien Markrowski
Christien Marlanski
Christien Marlski (2 times)
Christien Maronski
Christien Marsaski
Christien Marsinaski
Christien Martrovski
Christien Marzanski
Christien Matlowski
Christien McCarski
Christien McCluski (2 times)
Christien McKlanski (6 times)
Christien McKlarski
Christien McKowski
Christien McKracken (3 times)
Christien Meelkanski
Christien Melezinski
Christien Melinski
Christien Mereskovski
Christien Merinetski
Christien Merisawski
Christien Merkowski
Christien Metranzgi
Christien Mezanski
Christien Mezerski
Christien Milaski
Christien Milawnski
Christien Milawski (2 times)
Christien Milkowski
Christien Millenski
Christien Millerski
Christien Milranski
Christien Milsapi
Christien Milsawski
Christien Milsisky
Christien Milstanski
Christien Minjawshiski
Christien Minowski
Christien Minzaski
Christien Minzinski
Christien Misarski
Christien Mistanski
Christien Mistawski
Christien Mistiniski
Christien Mistowski (2 times)
Christien Mitranski
Christien Mitrawski (2 times)
Christien Mizinski
Christien Mizyouski
Christien Moladowski
Christien Molairski
Christien Molanski (2 times)
Christien Molenski (24 times)
Christien Molenskister
Christien Molenzi
Christien Molinski
Christien Molnanski
Christien Moranski
Christien Morlansni
Christien Moronski (4 times)
Christien Mublowski
Christien Mukasey
Christien Mugrawski
Christien muirlowski
Christien Muirzanski
Christien Mukanski
Christien Mukenski
Christien Mulanski (3 times)
Christien Muklarkski
Christien Muklarkson
Christien Muklawski (3 times)
Christien Muklenski
Christien Mukluski (2 times)
Christien Mukowski (5 times)
Christien Mukranli
Christien Mukranski (7 times)
Christien Mukranskili
Christien Mukrawli
Christien Mukrawlsinski
Christien Mukrawlski (5 times)
Christien Mukrawlskininsi
Christien Mukrawlskli
Christien Mukrawski (5 times)
Christien Mukrovski
Christien Mukrowski (2 times)
Christien Mulalski (2 times)
Christien Mulaney
Christien Mulanski (7 times)
Christien Mularky (5 times)
Christien Mularowski
Christien Mularski (3 times)
Christien Mulaski
Christien Mulawli
Christien Mulawnski (2 times)
Christien Mulawski (2 times)
Christien Muldoonski (2 times)
Christien Mulekowski
Christien Mulholland
Christien Muliski
Christien Mulklenski
Christien Mulkranski
Christien Mulkranskini
Christien Mulkrawlskili
Christien Mulkrawski
Christien Mulkrinski
Christien Mulkronski
Christien Mulkrownski
Christien Mulkuvski
Christien Mulnarski
Christien Mulowski (2 times)
Christien Mulranski
Christien Mulrawlski
Christien Mulrawski
Christien Mulsawnski
Christien Mulsawski
Christien Mulstinski
Christien Mulstoski
Christien Multawski
Christien Multraski
Christien Multraskinsi
Christien Mulveini
Christien Mulwarski
Christien Mulzinski (2 times)
Christien Muralawski
Christien Muralski
Christien Muranski
Christien Murasawki
Christien Murasky
Christien Murausti
Christien Murawsi
Christien Murawski (24 times)
Christien Murblawski
Christien Murdansti
Christien Murdski
Christien Murinki
Christien Muriziki
Christien Murklawski
Christien Murkoski
Christien Murkovski
Christien Murkowski
Christien Murlanski
Christien Murlanskinsi
Christien Murlonski
Christien Murnzin
Christien Muronski
Christien Murovski
Christien Murownski
Christien Murstaski
Christien Murtanski
Christien Murtawski
Christien Murtovski (2 times)
Christien Murtrowski
Christien Murzaski
Christien Murzawski
Christien Murzinskinstross
Christien Murzonski
Christien Musly
Christien Mutilanski
Christien Muwalksi
Christien Muwarski
Christien Muwarzni
Christien Muzanski
Christien Muzolski
Christien Muzranski
Christien Mxyzlplitik
Christien Podanski
Christien Wierspowski
Christien Worchowski
Christien Zubrinski

and let us not forget Christopher Murawski, Dingus Mukowski and Dingus Muslanski.


Outstanding Analytics! Bravo, marquac.

And of course, bravo to Christien, Kelly and Tom. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but the Qt3 Movie podcast is easily the one that’s brought the most aggregate joy to my life. Both in the listening and the ‘participation’ of watching movies I’d skipped, fell off my radar, dismissed or just plain old never heard of.

Great accomplishment, and my fear of San Diego remains undiminished!


So the podcast RSS feed is pretty much messed up for me all the time now. Based on behaviour I’ve observed I think it has to be some sort of web hosting cache problem. Is there any way it could be hosted somewhere else maybe?


We’ve just switched over to a new setup that is supposed to resolve the feed issues we’ve been experiencing. I’m told that this is our new RSS feed:

Does it help if you use that, sinnick?



I’m having the same issues (random episodes from the past year downloading even though I’ve listened to them), so I’m interested in the solution, too.

As an aside, I love how Tom is trying to defeat Chris’s record-keeping on “mispronounciations of Murawski” by uttering the craziest gibberish these days!


Actually, I was about to comment in the podcast feed thread that it seems like it’s been consistently working correctly for me recently, and I was wondering if anything was done to fix it. Hopefully fixing it for me doesn’t mean breaking it for other people.


I haven’t tried in months after giving up around the last time we discussed it, but I just added that URL to Overcast (my podcast app of choice) and it works! All the episodes are showing up, it’s not jumping to Black Sea or whatever it used to do! Thanks!


Perfectly! Thank you so much!


By the way, thanks should go to McMaster. He went back and reworked how all the podcasts were entered in WordPress so they could be used in a fixed RSS feed.



Thanks Jason!


There have been a few podcasts where I have had to listen to the introductions a few times to suss out how to write the name. Where Tom really got me and where I show how naive I can be is for The Hobbit podcast. It opens with music that certainly sounds like Jurassic Park and Dingus is laughing but then Tom says “Howard Shore’s stirring, unforgettable, iconic score.” so I assume that I must be wrong and I don’t double check using Shazam and thus I spend the next 90 minutes or so fruitlessly listening to the soundtrack from The Fellowship of the Ring until I realize that just maybe Tom was joking.

On a less embarrassing note, I have noticed that on iTunes all of the podcasts from #1 to #305 are showing up again. I’ll add that to the first page of this thread.


October 20th marks the 6th anniversary of the Qt3 Movie Podcast. In honor of that, here is some podcast trivia:

Listeners writing in their 3x3 selections to be read on the podcast is a standard, but that wasn’t always the case. The first listener submissions to be read during the podcast were on the Dredd podcast.

If you’ve ever been curious about the use of “Nice!” on the podcast I suggest listening to the Star Trek: Into Darkness podcast and then listen to the start of the Fast and Furious 6 podcast where it all gets paid off nicely.

While you are listening to the Fast and Furious 6 podcast you’ll also hear the first mention of the still largely unproven Dwayne Johnson - Harrison Ford Hypothesis.

The first appearance of Z Bone, the movie loving, Tom Chick hating teenager who followed Kelly home first appeared on the The Place Beyond the Pines podcast.

Dingus and Kelly explain what a meet cute is to Tom on The Call podcast.

To hear a cool story about “A manly handshake ensues” listen to the 3x3 portion of the Dallas Buyers Club podcast.

The first time (on the podcast) that Tom lays down his 3 Rules of a good car chase was on the Sherlock Holmes podcast.

One of the big features of any podcast is the Kelly Wand synopsis.- The first opsis was on the Legion podcast. The first opsis that had it’s own name was the Splinopsis on the Splice podcast. The first long opsis (in my opinion) was on the Iron Man 2 podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered what the podcast would sound like if Tom, Dingus and Kelly were Aussies, listen to the Animal Kingdom podcast.

Another podcast standard is Dingus’ spoiler free description of the movie that is being featured. That first occurred on the Red podcast.

The 5th Beetle is Paul Weimer.

If you’ve ever wondered what Qt3 regular Dave Perkins sounds like, jump to the 01:16:44 mark of the Oldboy podcast.

The first instance of Kelly saying that something “Taps into our fears of…” was on the Where the Wild Things Are podcast.

Tom’s music choice gets him labeled a jerk on the Source Code podcast. Edit - In error I had listed this as being on the SUCKER PUNCH!!! podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered where “Try harder” came from, listen to the Prometheopsis on the Prometheus podcast.

The first instance of Kelly saying “I turn to the _____ beside me…” was on the ParaNorman podcast.

Someone needs to talk to the guy who posts the pictures for the movie podcast and tell him his file naming convention isn’t nearly as funny as it used to be.

Congratulations on 6 years of podcasting, guys.


I have always wondered what Dave Perkins sounds like! Thanks, Chris, you incredible man.

Congrats on six years, sausages! This is my favorite podcast. Ever.


And the immortal line: “Did you know the Flash can speed-talk, Paul?” is from the Catfish podcast.


Wasn’t there a movie podcast where Kelly did an opsis for Creep instead of whatever movie they supposedly watched that week? If that happened, which one was it?


That was on the The Face of an Angel podcast. The Cropsis begins at 00:49:50.


For any fans of the Qt3 Movie Podcast who don’t follow Tom or Christien on Twitter but have listened to the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation podcast, you might want to check this tweet out as it has much awesomeness.