Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


I do love that poster. It’s such a bold choice.



Oh, also, I like to listen to movie scores while I work, so I made a Youtube playlist of everyone’s picks from the 3x3 this week. Here it is, if anyone else wants to have a listen:


sinnick, you are awesome!


The Nice Guys poster kind of tripped me up for a while, so here are a bunch of late ones:


I really like the Warcraft poster, sinnick.


I wish I could marry you, sinnick.


Added. So good.



In case you haven’t listened to this weeks movie podcast for Green Room, the deadline to submit your 3x3 picks for the Star Trek: Beyond podcast is this Friday at 7:00 PM Pacific time.


All caught up! Plus a few bonus ones.


Outstanding. I love that Dingus got a tagline!



Happy 7th anniversary, Qt3 Movie Podcast!!!


The day has arrived. :)


Pretty cool, huh? I’d like to go through at some point and include the 3x3 as a sortable entry.



Heya Tom, I don’t know if you’ve seen the following behavior before, but it’s been something that’s been (extremely mildly) irritating for a while. On my podcast player of choice (Podcast Addict for Android), all the apostrophes, and the “x” in “3x3” in the podcast description are rendered strangely. You can see this also in the podcast descriptions of the following links:

The Doctor Strange podcast features an apostrophe, and of course all of the pods reference the 3x3.

  1. Am I crazy? Does anyone else see this, or is this a Unicode thing on my end?
  2. If it’s an Unicode thing on the podcast creation side, is it fixable? I think it’s non-unicode software being used to write the description…but I’m not ruling out that I’m crazy.


Oh, man, that’s embarrassing. Probably some sort of WordPress thing, since all of the text is carried over from a WordPress entry. Does anyone know a way around this, or better yet how to fix it? @stusser or @clay or @Synth, you guys know WordPressy kinds of things. Do you know why it would be doing that?



Do you write that copy in Word? My guess is it replaced x with the Unicode multiply symbol. Same goes with apostrophe. Check the autocorrect settings to make sure those aren’t set to change automatically. The curly quotes auto replace probably would cause the apostrophe problem.


Weirdly enough, they were all typed directly into WordPress. Because you’re right, it looks like the sort of havoc that WordPress causes when you import smartquotes or something. I’m guessing it has something to do with the plugin we’re using to export the podcasts, or maybe how it makes the RSS feeds? I’ll hunt around in the plugin settings and see if I can figure out anything.



Yes, it’s a character set encoding issue. If there’s no way to fix it in the podcast plugin, try using




You can see the issue directly on the feed

You can try defining POWERPRESS_DISABLE_ITUNES_UTF8 as true in wp-config. Unfortunately, PowerPress isn’t very forthcoming about what it’ll stop trying to convert other than “iTunes values”. I don’t think it can harm to try it though.


So I had all these on my hard drive, but I always seemed to be a week behind and didn’t wind up posting them. Anyway, here is the rest of 2016! I’m probably not going to do this for every 2017 podcast though :).