I’m just curious. How do you fancy lads turn your link into a blue word that acts as a link?

With the drop menu that says ‘font colour’ [color=blue] it adds this to your post

Are you new here?

-highlight the word or phrase that you want blued for linkage

-hit the URL button on the top, far right on the reply screen (This should surround what you highlighted with “” and “”)

-after the first URL tag w/in the brackets put an “=” and then paste your link

See here.

[url=LINKHERE]WORD THINGS[/url} <-- (underpaid bracket understudy)

Man are we desperate for something to do.

Nobody made fun of Brian Reynolds when he didn’t know how to use the “quote” function dammit… :cry:


Do you mean in PHBB?

You use link here

In html:

<a href=">Kittens</a>

He was new. :wink: And, Met_K made up for that neglect in spades.

Whoa! I must have dozed off there for a few minutes. Everybody scooped me.

I’m STILL trying to figure out how to use the quote function.

Bub, you have 2218 posts!

EDIT: removed goatse link on 2218 posts, I decided that I indeed have a soul.

Does said soul come with any religious attachments?


In the composition window, you can just hover your mouse pointer over any of the command gadgets (List, URL, IMG, Quote, etc.) to get an explanation of how to use each command.

With only 2218 posts, though, I’m sure you just hadn’t noticed that yet, n00b. :-)

Make us some A-quality games and we’ll cut you some slack, too.