Linux was 20% of issues, but 0.1% of sales


Wait, people here try to game on a Mac? Why? Did you lose a bet?


I need a Mac for work, so I can do things like compile iPhone apps, use XCode to write native apps, and test in Safari. All these things have workarounds, but the path of least resistance is just to have a Mac.

*remove mask*

I have a beard. The longer the beard the more UNIX, and mine is 1cm long.


I can’t deal with Macs. So… I just feel disgust. My experience with them have been nothing but the worst! I really really really really really hate them with a passion.

So very very very very much. It’s not really rationale, but fuck, I hate Macs.

So, my wife’s cat peed on her macbook. Broke the damn thing, but the harddrive was still intact. Took it to a Apple people (this was in 2007) but they wouldn’t touch it. Cat urine, which I understand.

Hooked the harddrive to an enclosure, connected it to my machine. Wouldn’t work, because its a fucking mac. FUCK THEM! Had to get software that could read mac harddrives. Did that. But, since my wife had a password on her computer, I still couldn’t touched the FUCKING FIles. so, in the end, we lost a lot of wedding pictures and other stuff.


Now, I have Windows 10 and 1 drive. Everything gets saved on one drive. Everything is safe and if anything goes wrong, I can figure out how to fix it. I can upgrade my machine if I need to. I can use whatever software I’d like. and if the computer fails, I can salvage the harddrive. Because it’s not a fucking MAC.

Serioesly, FUCK APPLE>


LOL, yes, me too. I’m technically a “Linux Administrator” but it takes up less than 10% of my time because that shit just works. But every couple of years I get it into my head to try Linux on the desktop and I always come away disappointed. The apps I use don’t have Linux ports, of if they do, they suck.


Most Linux distros have a serious design issue, in that you are constantly upgrading all your libraries at root level - including ones needed for your computer to run - even if you just need to get a new library for development. Most updates don’t require rebooting, unlike Windows, but you’re upgrading so often, that it’s very easy to have some kind of problem. On Macs, you don’t upgrade the main OS (root level) until Apple decides it’s satisfied with the state of the libraries and drivers. If you want to upgrade stuff for some applications and development (at user level), that’s fine, but it won’t affect your main OS usage. This is a far better model in that it’s much more stable, but unfortunately few distributions support it on Linux.


I used to. If someone is gaming on Mac, my advice is to avoid native ports and use Wine instead whenever possible. You’ll generally get much better performance.


You went about this all wrong. If she had FileVault encryption enabled you should’ve mounted it in a friend’s Mac to enter the password. Disk encryption is supposed to be hard to recover files from (IMO she shouldn’t have enabled it, but oh well.) Do you still have the drive? I bet you can get everything off of it.


The idea of working without bash is roughly as loathsome as dealing with an everyday Linux desktop, so Macbook for work it is!


There are many things I don’t like from Mac, but I only tolerate.

I think when I am using a OS, my main concern is the kernel. On a bad kernel, apps behave irresponsible and the whole OS can sometimes get out of the control.

My personal preference is if the user closes a task, that task to close. Is not a suggestion for the OS to do it only when it have time. Windows NT was more like this (you had control over the computer), but they changed it for XP.

made the post less verbose


I have a Macbook Pro, which I use for work but was chosen so I can do tech support for my iMac using dad. I don’t game on it much, but Steam provides me with a handy selection of compatible adventure/puzzle/indie games to play while travelling. I certainly care much more about Mac compatibility than Linux.


At the time, I had 1 friend with a mac, and she was unwilling to mount it. Current, I don’t have any friends with Macs


You should try taking to a 3rd party place. Anyway, this doesn’t take away from your main point about not liking Macs or Mac gaming, which is a legitimate preference. I just hate to see someone lose data unnecessarily. :(


That I appreciate. Thank you. My hatred of Macs is probably based on this experience and of course the high cost just to buy the machine.


If I could use whatever OS I wanted, no other factors applying, 15 years ago that would have been Mac. These days Apple seem like such petty tyrants that even if my only option for easy affordable upgrades weren’t PC and my only option for decent gaming support weren’t Windows, I am still not sure it would be for me anymore. But they are, so I will never find out.


They cost initially more money, but they last longer.

My original iPad is still working, while all the tablets I bough after it, died pretty quickly.
sum(cost of cheap tablets) > cost of iPad.


All my machines have last 6+ years. I finally replaced my desktop this year after 10 years of faithful service. After upgrading it’s GPU and Ram and adding an SSD.

My wife’s Mac last 3 years or so.


It sounds like you disagree? I assume so. Or maybe you are providing the helpful “man byte dog” example.


In general, what I said is true.
There can be exceptions.
Apple do try to create artificial obsolescence, but is generally the software side of things, and not the hardware.
Except cables. The cables suck.


Is it though? What do you base it on? Remember, a PC can be upgraded to keep up it technology. The Mac usually starts with obsolete tech, and it doesn’t allow for upgrades.


My main beef with Apple is the way their continual updates just break, break, break apps on iOS, and the absolutely incessant nagging to update, sign in, etc. I’ll never buy one of their mobile products again. My girlfriend has a Mac laptop, and my main gripe with that is that whenever she has a problem with it I have no idea how to fix it, because everything is different.