Linux was 20% of issues, but 0.1% of sales


If I cared what people here thought of me, I would have quit long ago. I enjoy the discussions here, one-sided as they are usually. Not looking for BFFs.
Also, yeah, I’m arrogant. Never denied it. I can afford to, as the topics I am arrogant about are those I am also knowledgeable about.
Douchebag is in the eye of the beholder…


Don’t look at communities, look at steam forums.

Which is fine in theory, but that phrase is annoying as hell and doesn’t make anyone want to support you. A short sentence about how you’d like to buy, but can’t, maybe next time would be a lot nicer. A Switch port sells, a Linux port maybe. (although as Telman says, porting keeps your code honest… if you’re going to do anything else with it)

You’re looking, at least, for someone to care about having more games natively on Linux and not help others keep making it a meme joke.



One does not simply “look at Steam forums”. ;)
Seriously, though, Steam is the no1 place where people let off… well… steam, which is why it is such a terrible place for anything except maybe requesting some help for the game (and even then, chances are good you’ll just get a “WHY DIDN’T YOU USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION AHHHH”).

I also don’t see Steam forums as a big community to begin with. If at all, each game forum is its own community with different people than the next one. I consider Steam forums to be a kind of aggression buffer - unfortunately, just like the Steam “review” system - something to filter raw feedback from, but not to take too serious in all cases.
Often, reviews also speak a different language than the forums.

Of course.
But if the only way to get more people to support a platform would be to suck up to them or sugarcoating your words, then I wouldn’t want to be a part of that.

Rather, that support should come natural as a consequence of simply more people using Linux, which might or might not happen, depending on where Linux goes in the future.


Everyone else here who is knowledgeable on the same topics appears to disagree with you.


Do they? tbaldree wasn’t too far off from my position, except for the morals (but morals are entirely subjective, so…). He explained well why it doesn’t make sense for him, and that’s fine, but that is just his case and does not apply to all cases (or we wouldn’t see as many native linux releases as we do, which is a rather new development due to better cross-platform support in engines).
Other than him, I haven’t seen much of a counter-argument from someone with a similar amount of knowledge on the topic.

But yes, you are right. Many people here generally disagree with my views. Which makes it all the more important to break up this homogenous environment with some contrarian thoughts.
Also means I can do more discussion. In fact, I get so many replies here sometimes that I just can’t answer or read all of them (sorry if you were affected).


Linux users in this thread account for .1% of Qt3 users and 20% of complaints.


Incorrect. I disagree with your position; much moreso since you elaborated with the “growing a pair” comment (which I’ll get to in a moment). And guess what? I’ve worked on … let’s see … pre-Steam PC ports, console to console ports, console to inferior console ports, fucking Games For Windows Live ports, Steam ports, Android ports, up-res console ports, Mac ports, and - holy fuckin shit - Linux ports. So you could say I’m knowledgeable - and in fact, experienced - in this area.

And when your assertion (yours, directly from your responses) is to “grow a pair” and say “Fuck you” to Linux customers if they don’t like what you give them - as part of your grand plan to more widely support those same Linux users - then I can’t see how the ground you’re standing on makes any fuckin sense.


Yeah, that wouldn’t make much sense.
Thankfully, I don’t follow the grand plan to more widely support Linux users that demand support for their minor distribution.

If I do have a plan, then that plan would be to get more developers to spend the time on offering a Linux version (for the major distribution), by using cross-platform tools to make that much easier. You, just like tbaldree, have been doing lots of porting work, yes.
But again, I consider cross-platform development different than doing ports. Cross-platform development is actually easier (so yeah, I consider much of what I’ve done easier than what you’ve done). I think that your perspective on this might be skewed due to the fact that you had so much trouble doing porting work (NOT blaming you, btw), that you transferred that trouble to cross-platform development work.
And my experience, in doing cross-platform development (though not only, at the moment I work on a project that unfortunately is Windows-only), is that this simply isn’t much work once you do familiarize yourself with the new platform. And if you are already familiar with the platform (a Mac user would get used to Linux rather fast and vice versa, IMO), all the better.

I would very much like Linux to grow more, but certainly not at any cost. If it remained where it is right now, and just improve even further in quality, I’d be just fine.


I like TheSHEEP idea of “this game is for Ubuntu”.

I did Linux gaming for a brief period and knowing a game was able to run in Ubuntu was good news. Ubuntu is a easy to achieve target, and even if you did not had Ubuntu, you could convince your system to appear has much as Ubuntu has possible, enough to trick a game to run. Or directly use Ubuntu.

But maybe I am a easygoing dude, and somebody using *insert here weird random distro that only distribute packages as source to be recompiled on install* can have more a problem with that.


Yeah, that is what I meant earlier with doing some workaround to get Ubuntu versions to run on other distros.
But it really is not a topic I know much about (pretty much sticking to Ubuntu since I began using Linux, with some rather unsuccessful excursi (?) to other distros).


And here you’re literally ignoring things I said in my posts. I specifically indicated that it is not that difficult (or doesn’t have to be), although it’s certainly not free. You use the term “cross platform development” like some kind of buzzword that indicates products magically work on any platform at all times. This is, again as people have said (including me), incorrect. And there is more to the story than simply development. You are ignoring a significant part of that.

But I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me. No matter what, in your head you’re going to win this argument. Probably by selective quoting, ignoring what people have said, and somehow assuming you have the moral high ground.

Fuck, when I said I was done, I should have been done.



You’ve got it wrong. He’s not arguing with anyone in this thread, he’s telling us what the truth is. In his mind, we can accept it or not, but he’s not listening to anyone’s arguments.


I’m not a game developer, but I work on a big open source project (2+ million lines of C++) and I’ve been involved in writing code to support lots of different platforms. While it is easier now than it was 5 or 10 years ago, it can still be significant problem (both wrt. correctness and performance) for our project.

I wish my world was as simple as “write once, run everywhere” :-)


On the web, webdevelopers usually don’t pay attention to old browsers with less than 3% of the market. The effort to support hat 3% can be significant bigger than supporting the other 97% and make the other 97% worse.

But maybe is different for Indie game developers, because if Linux users have few games to buy, you can make a bigger splash if you support Linux, than if you compete with other million games on Windows. If supporting Linux is not too expensive, and Linux users are not too demanding. Both things may not be true.

If the title of the post is true, maybe having a Linux version was not worth it.


C++ is bad and corrupt the mind.

After touching C++ my C code was significantly worse.


passed saving throw vs arguing about the quality of programming languages


“IE11” are fighting words.


I thought this had to be a necro thread at least a decade old…

The idea of Linux being “ballsy” and threatening to The Man is comedy gold, though. It’s the official platform of The People’s Front of Judea.