Lionhead teases.... what?

Syndicate. Forget Starbreeze, Lionhead’s doing it, right?


C’mon, someone reading this knows the truth, spill it.

Lionhead bought the rights to HBO’s John Adams. You relive the life of the second President using fable’s expression system.

… and possibly with single-button umbrella combat.

But can you lean?

I’m guessing it’ll be revolutionary.

Milo Exxxtreme Dodgeball, anyone?

Maybe they’ve overthrown Molyneux and kicked him out of the company! Viva La Revolution!

I’d prefer a Molyneux Viva La Pinata game. He could use a good thrashing.

I found the first in-game screenshot.

My first guess is that it’s their Natal project announcement, but who knows. Considering the time spent on the demo they showed during E3, you’d think it would be related.

Natal-based multiplayer Syndicate! You read it here first!

Whatever it is it will be only half of what it’s hyped to be.

Only? If Lionhead got to half of what they promised on anything, their games would be epic masterpieces.

I believe I found the second in-game screenshot.

Burgertime to Kill: Break Faster?

One day left now. I was going to guess that it was a new Black & White with even more evolved humans this time around - sort of like dropping your Creature into a mid-game Civilization session in the age of gunpowder. The alternating black and white countdown screens supported this, as did the “Yes” and “No” choices.

But something wasn’t right, because choosing that you approve of the person shown sends you to “Followers.apx”, depicting a dark and dreary homepage with a royal banner riddled with bulletholes and flies buzzing around. If you don’t approve you’re sent to “Subjects.aspx” with a much cheerier atmosphere, rays of sunlight and beautiful leaves falling down. So it seems like the choices are opposite of what you’d normally expect. Now I’m no longer sure if we’ll be seeing Black & White 3.

The final splash page for today has a red carpet-like texture in the background and features Joan of Arc.

Well, now it’s Winston Churchill. Something to do with leaders anyway.

Peter Molyneux’s Sid Meier’s Civilization.


Directed by Richard Garriot?

Peter Molyneux’s James Cameron’s The Video Game

It’s Fable III:

Also Fable II will get 5 episodes starting from September with the 1st one being free (according to Eurogamer’s live blog).

Colour me: meh!

Oh man Ellie Gibson cracks me up:

“I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with RPGs like Fable… It’s a mechanic that’s been there since the eighties. I’m going to take that foundation stone and throw it away.”

But he won’t tell us what the foundation stone is today - he’s leaving it as a “puzzle” for us. Thanks. Will it have a cat this time, Peter?

Give that girl a Publitzer already! :)