Lionhead teases with Fable HD trailer

Title Lionhead teases with Fable HD trailer
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When June 4, 2013

Lionhead released the above teaser trailer for a Fable HD remake. Despite the video's beginning, I'm not sure how much demand there was for this. At least it's not another Fable Heroes. We should know more at E3 where Microsoft promises to talk about games..

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I wouldn't say this is something I desperately wanted but if they do a great job with the HD makeover I might pick it up. I liked the first game well enough.

The Fable series is perhaps my favorite video game series of all time. The only shame in this news to me is that they aren't making a new Fable game.

Would have preferred a FABLE 2 PC port.

I bought a 360 to play Fable 2 because I heard so much about it. Totally worth it.

Played Fable: The Lost Chapters on PC and actually missed not having native Xbox controller support.

I have READ Fable novelizations I love the series so much. They are not great. Not terrible, just not great. Peter David, who wrote them, suffered a stroke if anyone is interested in helping him pay his medical bills - I gave, but whatever.

I'd blow the dust off the 360 to play this but I'd much rather they released HD versions of 1 and 2 for PC.