Lionheart forums wiped!

Go over there right now! (9PM EST) All posts between July 24th and today have disappeared! That would be the pissed off complaining posts!! I sense some kind of LION-GATE cover up!! :P Your intrepid reporter continues his muck-raking!

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Looks like all the Interplay game forums are wiped back to July 24. Rather than think “conspiracy”, I’m thinking “forum software corruption”.

But how did the software get corrupted? A joint effort between…oh, I dunno…maybe… Black Isle and Reflexive! Hmmm!

Too bad they didn’t wipe the game itself when it was on a drawing board.
That would be a wise decision.



Interplay is digging its own grave. It’s been having financial problems anyway, which at first amazed me. I have always liked Black Isle products, which I thought were really helping Interplay out. I thought Lionheart might help bail them out, but I don’t see it happening. They didn’t really hype it up enough, and I certainly don’t see it doing well through word of mouth.