Lionheart goes Gold

Not sure if anyone was looking forward to this game, but it just went gold. It piques my interest, but the viewable area in the screenshots looks annoyingly small (while the interface looks annoying big).

Congrats to the developers.

Another RPG. This could be cool.

The premise is really promising, but those screenshots for me were all incredibly dark. Couldn’t see zilch in them.

I’ll still pick it up. I love PC RPG’s, and I’ve pretty much played the hell out of NWN/SOU the past month, time for somethin’ new.

I a good RPG, especially in co-op.

can lionheart be played in co-op? that would be cool.

it shows tremendous promise, but I sometimes get burned by running out and getting something right away.

Yes it can. I hopped over to the site and they said multiplay mode was up to four people going through the single player campaign, with monsters adjusted for the number and strengh of you’re party.

Pretty sweet!

Awesome! Can’t wait to play through this one with my shive buddies…

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Now I have to find work so I can afford to buy it.

"Q: How does the multiplayer game work?
A: Multiplayer will allow up to four players to each control a character and play through the single player game. The combat areas of the game are designed to check the power level of the party and use appropriately difficult creatures, so using higher level characters in a new game should be equally challenging. "

Game looks interesting, with this and Elemental Evil (hopefully) coming out in sept. its a good time for crpgs.

It has potential. I love the setting and the backdrop for the story. But, I have a bad feeling about it in general.


I’m pretty jaded about gaming in this day and age, but like to have hope.

The release date is 8/13 according the Gamestop and EB. I preordered a copy yesterday…you get a bonus CD when you preorder (extra level, unique items, spells, monsters, weapons and making of material). So, ifyou are looking forward to it, that might be worth it. I’ve been waiting for this one for about a year now, and it’s finally here :).

…and there was much rejoicing. (YEEEAAAA!)

Is it 2D or 3D? What engine is it? The Special engine?

I’m really look forward to KotOR PC and Greyhawk.

Yes, it is the Special Engine.

[i]Lionheart is a 2D game. The Velocity engine uses specially created pre-rendered backgrounds to create a dynamic and beautiful world for the player. The characters in the game are technically 3D characters, but they are rendered into 2D images at run-time and blended into the world for a seamless presentation.


Taken from the FAQ

Supposedly I read that the game plays alot like a souped up version of Arcanum (without the tech). Plus the animations are in 3d. I’m betting it’ll be great, just like Arcanum. BTW, Kotor just came out.


“Special” isn’t an engine – it’s just a character development system (designed for the Fallout games initially). Lionheart uses the Velocity engine, a proprietary engine created by the developers.


I remember that Fallout was going to use the Gurps license as a selling point. SPECIAL has a lot in common with GURPS imo. And thats pretty good, because I like Gurps, generically speaking.