Lip Sync Battle on SPIKE

Its on again tonight at 10pm on Spike , tonight’s the 3rd episode and it will be Anne Hathaway vs Emily Blunt , I am looking forward to seeing these two lovely ladies lip sync it out. The host is LL Cool J. They even have a championship belt, lol.

The past 2 episodes were:

The Rock vs Jimmy Fallon
Common vs John Legend

Overall its just a fun show, getting to see some celebs have a good time.
NBC passed on it and it ended up on SPIKE.

It’s basically the lip sync battles jimmy Fallon had on his show, staring with Steven merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt (which was awesome by the way).

It’s consistently funny, although LL cool J and the chick don’t really add anything to the mix. Common dressed like Lionel Richie was pretty awesome.

My wife insisted we try this, and now we’re both hooked. I wonder how long they can keep the A list guests going, but it’s really fun!

Next week is Anna Kendrick vs John Krasinski!

This weeks was Terry Crews vs Iron Mike Tyson, and it was so epic.


I thought Terry Crews was decent but Tyson sucked ass.

Terry Crews is amazing…Tyson was just spasming up there, pretty disturbing. They need to get rid of the girl in the booth if this show’s going to keep going.

That episode was awesome.

I’ll admit to having a minor crush on Anna Kendrick though…

John Krasinski killed it, but they really need to get rid of the stupid female hostess.

At this point, they are taking the camera off the lip sync contestants to show the hostess prancing around, seemingly because everyone’s wondering, “why is she even on stage?”

2nd season is almost over, I don’t watch this every week, but if a celeb I like is on I will defiantly record it. This past week was Shaquille O’Neal vs. Aisha Tyler and it was just fantastic.

I’m definitely going to check that one out. The Alison Brie and Will Arnett episode was epic.

As was the Joel McHale and Jim Rash episode!