List every town/city where you have lived


I don’t know if you get around much these days. Have you been down by UM in the past say, 8 years or so? South U and all around the west side of campus are huge high rise apartment buildings now. 10-16 stories. Luxury shit. Lots of rich rich students. I mean $1600/month singles.


Geez that’s insane. Can’t beleive the city or university even approved a building that tall as it ruins the character of the area. That stinks.


Brooklyn, NY
Nogales, AZ
Ann Arbor, MI
San Francisco CA
Glendale AZ
Tucson AZ
Puerto Penasco, Son, Mx.


Spokane is somewhat idiosyncratic. It’s fairly conservative and religious, but lately has had pockets of little trendy neighborhoods: e.g. the Perry district and Garland. Downtown is totally different than when I lived there 20 years ago, and feels like a modern mid-sized city downtown with cute restaurants and coffee shops. Riverfront Park is still the centerpiece of the town, and has been getting revitalized with tons of construction in the area over the last couple of years. Spokane has a ton of parks, good schools, lots of outdoor activities, a beautiful setting, and cheap housing. My family all still live there, so I visit regularly. Despite how religious it is and how much I really like living in a dynamic urban environment, I’d probably try to move back if I didn’t have kids.


Anoka, MN (various addresses) (the Halloween capital of the world!)
Cyberspace (various addresses)
Ames, IA (various addresses)
Swansea, Wales, UK
Back to Ames (various addresses)
Back to Anoka
Coon Rapids, MN (various addresses)
Minneapolis, MN (various addresses)

So really, I feel that I have a worldly, even cosmopolitan view of the planet.

Next thread: list every town/city where you have a criminal record.


I haven’t been back to Spokane since I graduated, funny enough. So I would go off of Matt’s description.

But generally, I really liked the area as a place, and it was a comfortable community to live in (I was on or near the GU campus all the time). Spokane is very WHITE, and I bet its conservativism stands out even more now than it used to–Matt seems to confirm this. But the downtown was a nice area to go for dinner or shopping, and the river adds some character to the town.

I also heard a lot about Nazi communes in the panhandle of Idaho. While I’m sure you’ll find some fellow travellers here and there in the Spokane area, just due to demographics, I don’t think you can tar the city with that brush. At the same time, I bet there are a looooot of Trump voters there.


A suburb of London
Somewhere far to the west of London. Near where hobbits are.


Ok after I left the world of Ultima IV I lived in the following places:

I deleted it all as I got all paranoid.


Man, you guys get around. Are you on the run from bounty hunters?


Can we list mother’s maiden names next? What was the color of your first car? How about maternal grandmother’s first name? What was the name of your first pet?

Also, we should compare to see who has the social security number with the most 0’s in it!

I am being flip, and I wish the internet wasn’t so awful so I could participate in this.

I am from WI, haven’t left.


So true. It would lead to fun conversations and discoveries. But yeah, the Internet sucks.


Further exacerbated by my heady desire to use what may or may not be my real name.


We are all from the clan MacLeod, there can be only one!


Some of us are from clan McDonald. Over one billion served!



NH currently

Stars for number of places (not years.)
VT by far the best despite the winters.


I forgot to mention R’lyeh


San Antonio TX
Pryor OK
Lubbock TX
Johnston Atoll (middle of the Pacific)
Arlington TX
Grapevine TX
Bristol TN
Ft Worth TX


Having spent a good chunk of time growing up there, I can only offer my condolences :)


Ha! Thx. It was only a few months when I followed a crazy ass lady there. It was nice up in the mountains though.


I’d participate, but then I’d be reminded that I moved from this:

to this:

and I try not to think about that.