List of first person perspective RPGs?

Looking for first person RPGs, hoping to dig up one I haven’t played yet! Have played Skyrim ad-nauseum, and looking for something else, or something I have forgotten about. Any you can think of that you like? Looking for stuff on PC as I have no console at the moment, thanks a ton!

Dungeon Master

In the vain of Dungeon Master with some Heroes of Might and Magic thrown in, I quite enjoyed Heroes of a Broken Land, although it is fairly basic and pointless if you are looking to experience anything beyond leveling up and dungeon crawling.

How about either of the Legend of Grimrock games?

For what it’s worth, the very first game for which I was a beta tester was Dungeon Master on the Atari ST. I think that was back during the Eisenhower administration.

Played both of the Grimrocks, thanks for the suggestion though! Haven’t heard of HBL before, downloading demo as we speak, thanks!

I wish I could find a 1st person RPG that had a class system ala final fantasy tactics. Something that would let you try a lot of different combos for class leveling…

Did you play the recent Might and Magic X - Legacy?

It has a ton of evolving/branching classes and is first person.

I haven’t Armando, I’ll check it out, thanks a ton!

Another good suggestion from Armando. He nailed it in another thread too.

There have recently been a resurgence of indie Grimrock-like games. None are as good as Grimrock (and some are truly dire) but you might want to check out the following group which has a decent list.

But if that’s all too modern and fancy-pants for you, there’s always…

  • Wizardry 8: one of my favourite games, very long game with some long-winded turn-based battles early on (which put some people off, fair enough) but it’s rewarding if you stick with it. I loved this game, must replay it some day. Wizardry 7 is also pretty good, but more Might & Magic style.

Not retro enough? Ok, how about…

  • Might & Magic series? M&M X (above) is great, but many prefer the older games if you can deal with the older UI and graphics. You can probably skip the first 3, but 4 and 5 (Worlds of Xeen) are classics. Numbers 6-9 aren’t grid-based, and 6-7 in particular are very good. Number 8 is a bit average, and most regard 9 as a failure.

Still not retro enough? Damn! Ok, how about…

  • Lands of Lore? I played it about three years ago and it still holds up pretty well. Doesn’t hold a candle to the modern polish of Grimrock, but the game is solid.

Would ultimately like something that isn’t grid based, though I do like those as well. Looking for something that plays more like a FPS, but is an RPG in terms of character development etc.

I’ve actually played Wizardry 8 quite a bit, and loved it. Great game, and really simple and elegant way to handle multiple people in a party but in a first person UI. I think the last playthrough I did of that was a solo fairy dual wielding something or other lol. I went way down the Wizardry rabbit hole at one point.

Yeah, there aren’t a lot of them, most are third-person. There’s Arx Fatalis, and that’s about it. Googling brings up Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. And Deus Ex. Well yeah, I guess. Everything else is just internet forum flame wars about first- versus third-person RPGs.

How about The Witcher 3 with the first person mod? I’m not sure how well it works.

Unless Ultrazen didn’t play the Ultima UnderworldS (I hesitate to mention System Shock, as it is a bit of a different beast, but the recent windows update makes it very playable), those would go well with your suggested retro vibe.
Speaking of which, I remember loving to roll characters, but bouncing off the main game of the mid-early Might & Magic (Opus 3 to 5) series back in the day, because I thought - already!- the interface was dated back then.
I grabbed them, out of nostalgia, from GoG a couple of years ago, and totally fell in love with their wacky freeform gameplay. It justs feel like an exhilarating vast playground where you kick butts and grab stuff. There is such a pure childish joy to them, I have had a great time and they have now their little special place in my heart. What’s the reverse of rose-tinted?

I assume you’ve tried the rest of the Bethesda line-up? Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 / 4, and Fallout: New Vegas?

What about the terrible Gothic / Risen series that some people seem to like for reasons beyond my ken? Oops, looks like they might be 3rd person.

Mount & Blade? Another series I found to be terrible but many people like.

Ultima X? Haha just kidding, it’s terrible an unsalvageable after countless community mods.

Dark Massiah of Might and Magic was good, just don’t ask for Tom’s opinion. I believe there was kicking.

There’s a little game called Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, of course.

You bet your sweet ass there was.

Deus Ex? System shock? :)

One of the Borderlands series (2 probably being the best one to jump into)? It’s a FPS with guns, but has RPG development, a quest system, and loot.

I always played Fallout 3/New Vegas in first person mode, but if you’re looking for more of a shooter how about IV?

STALKER series maybe? No character progression but loot progression is great, quite a lot of choice in quests, etc.

If you’re not too particularly hung up on the classic RPG elements then I think a case for Dead Space (1 and 2) and Alien: Isolation could also be made - both feature a number of RPG elements but they are for the most part on rails with little player agency when it comes to influencing story outcome.

And how could I forget Dishonored and Bioshock games!

There’s Malevolence - an infinite procedural, Might & Magic, FPS roguelike. I played it a while ago and it was pretty rough so don’t know if it has improved any.