List of grest Pc games from last t years

With a new system comes a plethora of games I missed before. I think the last game I might have been able to play was right before the release tron 2.0 ( I know) Any recommendations on must play? 1st on my list I’d lord of the rings bfme2 since I missed the first game and halflife 2.

I recommend you play the good games and avoid the bad games.

That should cover just about everything.

Half Life 2 to be sure; it’s a great game to show off a new box. Honestly I haven’t played much else in the last couple of years because of my WoW addiction. Loved Rome Total War, though.

Mount and Blade from Also get the Last Days mod from
to have it set in Middle Earth.

The WOW addiction is a good thing for me. I used to buy 2-3 PC games a month and now I might buy 1 if its something I really liked from the demo.

As for must play games, depend what kind you like. For FPS - Half life 2, FPS action - BF2, Strategy - Civ4, Real-time strategy - RON, DOW, Sims - IL2, SH3, Dangerous Waters.

I used to love when I was without a computer for awhile, then there would be a tresure trove of games to play when I got a new one.

Typing of the Dead was fabulous. Useful, too.

I recommend you check out the most recent version of Mavis Beacon Typing. Not the best game in the world, but something gives me the idea it may be right up your alley.

Given the original post, I’d just like to second this recommendation.

What’s a grest pc game?

Somewhere between “great” and “best”.

and the last ‘t’ years?

Ten? Three?

I picked up Dawn of War (and the expansion, though I haven’t started on it yet) a couple weeks ago; I’m also playing catch-up with a new PC. I love it so far, but I don’t know how it stacks up to other current RTS games. The last RTS I played much of was Warcraft III, and the last one I really got into was Starcraft.

Galactic Civilization 2 folks!

I assumed it was a variable.

Chris Woods

Solve for t where t=grest.

Great games from the last couple years if you ask me:

Thief: Deadly Shadows
Far Cry
Silent Storm
Chrome (especially because of the unintentionally hilarious dialogue and cutscenes)

and the most respected of these, by far, is T:DS.

That’s all I got. Sadly, I was suffering from a City of Heroes affliction for about a year there so didn’t play much else. And MMO’s, while fun, are no way to test a new box.

Pick up Sims 2, Simcity 4, Civ 4, Galciv 2, and Oblivion. That’ll be all the gaming you need until your next PC.

Assuming Oblivion is as large as Morrowind, or 1/10th the size, I think you dont need to buy anything except Oblivion if you’re aiming for completion by your next pc purchase.

“I’ve blown them all to hell!”

Yeah, Chrome was a good time. I think it’s got Far Cry solidly trounced in the department of “most ridiculous voice acting in a recent FPS.” Recent meaning within the last t years, of course.

Oohh. I think I need to get Chrome just for the comedic value. ;)