List of Must Have(or play Old School Nintendo Games

Kind of an odd request, but I’m trying to come up with list.

Ice Hockey
Super Mario 1,2,3

Final Fantasy
Kid Icarus
Mega Man 1-3.

Punch Out
Excite Bike

River City Ransom

Why are you trying to come up with such a list?

So many of those games are basically unplayable now. I dare you to try and play Metroid or Final Fantasy these days… you’re better off getting the remakes for the GBA, which are both extremely faithful and superior in every single way.

The games that I still like (at least in theory) are:

Mike Tyson’s Punchout
Legend of Zelda
River City Ransom
Double Dribble
Legendary Wings
Blaster Master
All of the Super Mario Brothers

Guardian Legend
Bionic Commando
Super Dodgeball


Duck Tales
Punch out

R.C. Pro-am still holds up pretty well.

I strongly second Megaman 1-3. So many of my forays into “gee, remember how awesome metroid/zelda/final fantasy” territory end in me wondering how i ever played them the first time. With that being said, I recently spent a weekend going through all of the megamans having a real blast. Granted, it’s always hard when you don’t have the nostalgia going into any of these old games.

RC Pro-Am
Castelvania II
Goonies II

Blaster Master
Bionic Commando
Super Mario Bros 2 & 3
Legend of Zelda

Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers and Capcom’s Little Nemo game. A lot of platformers from that era seem impossibly hard now but these games still have a very fair difficulty curve.

Wow, I forgot about Duck Tales–that game stole a lot of my time as a kid. I’ll toss in votes for Kid Icarus, Punch-Out, and Mario 3 (by far the best of the bunch, imo).

Snake, Rattle & Roll
Solar Jetman

guardian legend
life force
all marios
adventures of link
battle of olympus
castlevania (all of them)
dragon warrior
balloon fight
kid icarus

edit: oh and punchout and bionic commando

I played lots of Dragon Warrior, but I doubt it holds up.

Am I the only guy who really liked Rygar? I was so proud when I finally beat the damn thing.

Blades of Steel
Super Tecmo Bowl
Bubble Bobble

the list is for a friend who never ever had a nintendo. he grew up in a 3rd world country working in a mine trying to uncover lost shankara stones

Ducktales may not be the best choice then.


Adventures of Bayou Billy
Tyson’s Punch Out
I really liked Pro Wrestling
Double Dragon series
Golgo 13
Rambo -> this is the first console game I remember ever having dialogue options… not that they did anything, but you got to choose what Rambo said sometimes
Shadowrun for NES was cool.
Metal Gear was awesome, too. Solid Snake’s humble beginnings.