List of things you hate most in games

What are gameplay issues that make you want to break things?

Here is one to start…:

-Flashlights or Nightvision with extremely limited battery life (Half-Life 2 for instance). For God’s sake, they actually made flashlights in the 60s that lasted a long time on batteries…but a high-tech suit version fails to function after 30 seconds. I get that they are going for “suspense”, but being in a dark room with something trying to kill me while I track it with a light is suspense enough.

Minor gripe, disappearing bodies. I want to see piles of my slain.

Unskippable cutscenes, particularly before a difficult mission/level that you are likely to have to repeat several times.



Invincible villains used as half point boss fights/or otherwise goofy plot point. What ever happened to henchmen?

Going on dates with people I don’t like just because they have stuff I need… or is that real life. I forget.

Didn’t we just have this thread?

Not being able to invert controls in 3D games. It started off with just vertical inversion, and then most games started including that option. But now it’s a big issue with horizontal inversion too with the rise in popularity of 3rd person games. I like my 3rd person games to control just like first person games, because of games like Heretic 2, which paved the way. But there’s so many recent examples of 3rd person games where it’s the opposite of that scheme, and to make matters much worse, some of these games don’t allow for inversion of the scheme at all.

In a way, not having the option to do horizontal inversion is much worse than not having the option to do vertical inversion. Especially in a game like Super Mario Sunshine. At least you can get by without vertical inversion most of the time. But when you’re trying to look to the left so you can move Mario during a chase scene, and you end up looking towards the right instead, it makes the game completely unplayable.

“Look at all that juice!” is my gift to the world and I take full responsibility for it. In my defense, we TRIED to get a checkpoint added just after that point but it was too late in development. Sorry!

Great thread. A+++++ would read again

If I say “Loading time”, will there be tomatoes tossed at me??

I recommend a large and very painful Gothic letter style belly “Look at all that Juice!” tattoo as penance.

Send pictures.

So YOU’RE the guy!!!

Man I don’t know about anyone else but that was one of the most memorable parts of the game, and it’s wound up being memorable hilarious not memorable shitty. My friends and I quote it to this day. Totally fucking awesome.

Agreed. The thing I find most frustrating is that it’s such a trivial feature. It’s not like “save anywhere” which can actually have a cost-benefit ratio worthy of discussion on occasion.

I’d also generlize the unskippable-cutscene bit to include forcing me to redo anything that isn’t actually entertaining after I fail. I can’t bring myself to play GTA4 any more for this very reason. I’ve been enjoying COD4 on Veteran, though, despite being damn hard, because when I die (and oh how I die), I’m right back in the real gameplay in short order.

Scripted sequences
Lack of save anywhere
Boss fights
(any of the last five are acceptable if they are the core game mechanic)
Locked content
Shitty AI
Lack of cheats

There are probably more that I’m forgetting.

Jesus Christ, Bob. You’re not supposed to just come out and admit that you’re trolling.

Do you only play Shumps or something?
edit: nope, that would be under the “Boss Fights” and “Linear” section…hmm…

Sim City?

Agreed. For the most part. There are a few exceptions, but generally if these five aren’t the main game mechanic, they usually only add little or negatively to a game. Saint’s Row’s multiplayer for example, seemed like an afterthought, and it played like an afterthought. Those resources would have been much better spent on single player.

Shitty AI
Lack of cheats

Still with ya. Well, I don’t use cheats, but I know my nieces and nephews do, as well as other people I know. So I agree in theory on that one, not from personal experience. I think we’d all agree on Shitty AI.

Locked content
Scripted sequences
Lack of save anywhere

You lost me with those. I do like Locked content if it’s done well, it gives you a sense of progression. Also, a I feel that a well designed game can challenge players of nearly every skill level.

I believe a lot of people will probably agree with you on the “Lack of save anywhere”, but I don’t think that applies to some games depending on the design. I used to believe in that principle too, but the game that made me a convert was the Aliens Vs Predator demo. By putting in randomized enemy locations in a level where the enemy also moved around all the time, each attempt at that demo was something different, and it forced me to play the game differently. It forced me to play it a better way that was actually more entertaining for me. So by not allowing a save anywhere feature, they actually helped my play experience considerably. I never thought that was possible before I played that game. Especially not in that genre.