Listen Up, Ebenezer! (Christmas Mix 2008)

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Eid, or Pleasant Solstice to everyone!

Apologies if it was almost the year without a Christmas Mix, but as detailed elsewhere, this year’s mix was cursed from the very start: I messed it up early on, finished one version…and then completely scrapped it just before I was ready to declare it done. I started this thing over about 6 times, I think. Crazy thing is, I’m listening to it again for the umpteenth time…and my trepidations about it are falling away. I actually really like this thing, which once again lends credence to the notion that I lack much inspiration but can usually get something creative done through dogged persistence and clever utilization of the “million monkeys with a typewriter” principle.

This year’s biggest highlight is the smallest number of repeats, ever. Only three of these tracks have ever made it onto a Christmas mix I’ve done, and one of those three is making its first re-appearance since 2004 (when the mp3 in question was one I’d ripped from a cassette tape and the audio quality sounded so bad next to every other song I dropped it; this one is thankfully from a recent remaster and finally sounds good enough to bring back into the fold.) It also has a nice flow to it, so there’s that too. Best of all, when I got home from work last night pissed at the world (long story, suffice to say that an inebriated guest one of my servers “cut off” knew exactly how to push my buttons and send me into a spiral of glumness, and I know better than to let that happen, but there you go…) it made me happy to listen to. I suppose then that if I screwed everything else up on this mix, I think I at least managed to keep the Holiday Cheer in, and that’s the most important part!

The fine print: as always, this is one large mp3 file, every track has already been normalized, crossfaded, sequenced, whatever to run the way it appears on the CD’s I burned. If you were really desperate, you might be able to split individual tracks out of the mix, but the crossfades at the beginning and end will still make the track imperfect. If you hear an artist or track you like, maybe think about buying something from them; times are tough all over this Christmas, even musicians could use a little help here and there. At some point I may get the individual tracks uploaded. Maybe.

Without further blabbering by me:

LISTEN UP EBENEZER! (CHRISTMAS MIX 2008) <--------click me to download

Track list: (c’mon, peeking before you listen through it once is like opening your presents on the 23rd!)
spoiler space!

  1. “Velvet Santa” Divide & Kreate (with The Velvet Underground & Jackson 5)
  2. “Purple Snowflakes” Marvin Gaye
  3. “Champagne Of Christmas” The Fleshtones
  4. “Sleigh Ride” The Ronettes
  5. “Winter Wonderland” Liz Phair
  6. “Welcome Christmas” The Clumsy Lovers
  7. “Winter On Victoria Street” The Clientele
  8. “Back Door Santa” The Black Crowes
  9. “Presents For Christmas” Solomon Burke
  10. “(Another Rainy Day) December Blues” The Americans feat. The Dap Kings Horns
  11. “It’s Christmastime Ebenezer” The Len Price 3
  12. “Egg Nog” Luna
  13. “A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)” Glasvegas
  14. “Christmas With The Snow” Marah Featuring Felicia Navidad
  15. “Your Christmas Whiskey” The Minus 5
  16. “Christmas Train” The Bellrays
  17. “Home For The Holidays” The dB’s
  18. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Fantasy” John Fahey
  19. “Wintertime In Hollywood” The Lovetones
  20. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Dean Martin w/ Martina McBride
  21. “Man In The Santa Suit” The Fountains Of Wayne
  22. “Blue Christmas” Chris Isaak
  23. “Let It Snow” Los Straitjackets
  24. “Soul Christmas” James Brown
  25. “Waking On Christmas” The Smithereens
  26. “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” The Young Fresh Fellows
  27. “Christmas Time is Here” Ivy
  28. “Fairytale Of New York” The Pogues

Awesome, this going to be great for my recent foray into GTAIV. It also, makes me wish for a Holiday themed addition.

Thanks! :)

We now have something (else) to listen to on our drive to DC.


Thanks! Why haven’t I heard Marah before?!? That “Christmas With The Snow” track is my new instant favourite Christmas song evar.

Nice job!

If you’d want to put it up as a torrent I’d be happy to seed. Might be easier on your bandwith.

They’re a band from Philly, actually centered around two brothers, Serge and Dave Bielenko, and most of the time they have a very earthy, Springsteenish sound (The Boss is a big fan of theirs). They did a Christmas album four or five years ago that is essentially them being drunk and goofing around, but on “Christmas With The Snow” they pull out a song that could be this goofy, annoying thing, but they let the girls sing (I think “Felicia Navidad” is a Bielenko spouse) and add clever lyrics and I find the whole thing irresistable.

Bringing this to every Christmas party this year. Do you still have the link to the one you made last year?

Links to trig’s recent Christmas mixes have been reposted over at OO…

Click here for the 2004 link.
And here for 2K5, 6, & 7.

Thanks for the awesome mix trigger!

Thanks for this Trig!

You do some fine work.

Yes – This mix was a big hit at our family Christmas party this year and has been on heavy rotation in the house all weekend. Cheers!

This is excellent. So much better than the playlists offered up by the many online services. They all seem to think Christina Aguilera warbeling through end notes of White Christmas for 45 minutes is actual music.

Glasvegas! Awesome

very cool tradition, trigger

Hey, I love this mix. Thanks so much for this. It’s making my Christmas more fun. :)

Yes, isn’t it good? I keep replaying it. Thanks again, Triggercut.

Over at OO, folks are saying they can’t stand “Christmas With the Snow”. That song is the Far Cry 2 of this holiday mix.

Perhaps the first dozen times I heard it, it annoyed the hell out of me. There’s just so much goofy happy joy going on in that song, though–and it’s so infectious–that a gajillion listens later and it still drags me from any bad mood into Snoopy Happy Dance territory. That song is a runaway locomotive; it is the Secretariat of Christmas songs. It is an unstoppable force.

It won me over when I heard the lyrics: “I just want a castle made of snow/I hope it never thaws/I want to marry Santa Claus!” That’s when I really got the little-kid snow-day vibe and it’s impossible not to like.

It puts a smile on my face, it gets me dancing, it gets my 2 year old daughter dancing. That’s good enough for me.