Listening to PC and console audio on a single headset.

Hello, I have had this issue for a while and been trying to look for a solution on my own, even ordering various pieces of hardware but after many weeks of failures, I turn to the experts!

My goal is to be able to listen to @Chappers dirty talk while we play online. On my Mac, no problem, but my issue comes in when I want to do it on the Switch, you know, the silly console that doesn’t allow voice chat!
I’m looking for a sort of small mixer that would allow me to plug in the jack out of the Mac and the Switch and let it out for my headset, without frying any of the three devices in the process.
Looking at how much trouble I have run into, it seems much harder to do than expected. Most solutions seem to require you to have a desktop PC with a soundcard. Or a big fat amp like the one I have in my bed room, but that’s not a solution on my workspace.
Practically all the peripheral I can see for sale on amazon seem to go for optical, usb, or bluetooth communications, while I really only want simple “jack” shit.

Thanks for reading and cheers!

The Astro MixAmp does this.

My Amazon only sells a “Pro” model, and there are no female jacks on that model, only usb, optical and whatever other weird standard is customary nowadays.
Also, it seems to require to be plugged to the computer and use a software to work? I’d like to go simple and hardware if possible.

Something like this would work, although it feels like overkill to me I can’t find anything better:

I prefer Behringer as a brand but it looks like their version of this isn’t sold by Amazon so I wonder if it’s been discontinued. If you see theirs then grab it, they make good stuff with good prices.

You’ll need a pack of adapters if you’re using standard headphone cables too:

Could you just not use headphones and let the sound come to your ears that way?

Thank you, that’s exactly what I am looking for! I had tried another one whose construction seemed fiddly and indeed, it had terrible sound output. This one looks much more solid. I will report when (if, given the circumstances) I get it.

In the description it mentions that if you’re coming from a PC specifically and you get buzzing, then to use a ground loop isolator. You may try that with your crappy one first and then you’ll have it for any new devices you buy too.

Also I should mention that I can’t recommend the company or anything, as I said I would personally buy the Behringer equivalent first. Just don’t accidentally grab the one that looks almost identical that takes one input to four headphone outputs.

No the crappy one was even worse: 2 of the three jacks were busted and wouldn’t take any proper input or transmit it as mono only. Really terrible build, that I sent back to Amazon on the same day.

Ew, gross.

Well, I got it, and like every single other piece of hardware coming from China for the past 6 months, it had not been checked and was outputting mono.

So in this world, either you buy an underpriced piece of junk that doesn’t work, or you gotta order an overpriced professional piece of hardware you won’t use 1% of the capacity I am guessing.

That is the exact lesson I learned shopping for air purifiers last night.