Little Big Adventure 3?

Was just thinking about this series and started poking around the web and I see that Frederick Raynal had supposedly formed a new studio, Ludoïd. In reading about them it seems he shopped around a few ideas to publishers including LBA3 but that’s all I’ve really been able to find. Anyone around here know any more? The first two were fantastic action/adventure games and I always thought it was a shame a 3rd was never made.

LBA2 has what I consider to be the finest line ever included in a game:

“I believe you can read all the posters.”

OH MAN that would rock. I loved the first one a lot and the second somewhat less. Both were spectacular games though.

I loved how in the first one you could go to the evil heavily fortified base almost right from the start, but the mounted machine guns and other defenses quickly drove you away. And you thought “man I can’t wait until I come back here at the end of the game; I’ll be so powered up I’ll laugh at these defenses”. And then when you do make it back, the only thing that’s really changed is that you have a different colored ball. But you make it past anyway.

The first had a fantastic soundtrack too. I have it on my PC. Very likely my favorite game soundtrack ever. <3 Twinsen.

Awesome. Like BJB, I loved how at the end, the guards could kick your ass just as hard as in the beginning - only you had more tools to deal with it (blowgun, etc).

They need to get rid of the jumping puzzles, though. Those were so frustrating it wasn’t funny. “What’s that? Miss a jump in our 3/4 perspective? How about you DIE!”

Loved the first. Just a fantastic, engrossing game.

The same team that put together the first also put together Alone in the Dark, another favorite from that period.

I’ve never heard of these. The Wikipedia entries for them are promising.

They were really great. I can’t remember if I ever finished the first one (I was quite young) but I do remember the last parts of the second game.

I hope they have some luck finding a good publisher.

I love LBA2, I’ve played it so many times that I know the game by heart for the most part. One of the best action/adventure games ever.

I remember enjoying the games tremendously, but it’s been so long that I don’t recall the specifics.

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Ah, Little Big Adventure, a wonderful series. A great combination of atmosphere and gameplay with, as noted, fustrating jumping puzzles. The second one allowed save anywhere IIRC, so is less fustrating.

For those looking to play the original, one of the creators runs a project called LbaWin which allows it to work properly under Windows AND disable some of the more annoying elements, like taking damage from running into stuff in a 640x480 tiny view environment.

The change I’d love to see is that when you take damage, you don’t move backwards no matter what. Man oh man could that get frustrating.

I personally consider Beyond Good & Evil a spiritual successor to the series.

Alone in the Dark was also awesome. The sequels which followed it were not.

Perhaps after all these year 3 might get made

That would be pretty amazing. These were such wacky, unique games.

I never finished the 1st. I try to play every couple of years but the control scheme defeats me every time :(

Yeah, those games haven’t aged well, but dear god I loved them as a kid. The second one was probably the first game with a story that I really got into.

I try not to get hyped until I see the merchandise. But just the thought of trying to bring back something so camp and unique after all these years makes me dread a little bit.

Yeah, that control scheme is not what you’d do these days, but I hope they keep the “mode shift” mechanic, where you switch between aggressive/jumpy/sneaky. That’s such a big part of the game for me.

Oh man, and the static camera. That is rough to deal with coming from the modern age.

What is the name for that movement scheme? Someone came up with a great name for it, I forget what it is.

Didn’t it use Tank Controls, it’s been a while since I’ve played it.

That’s the one, tank controls!