Little Big Planet (1) - Trophy Help

Because I’m OCD, I’m trying to get all the trophies for the first Little Big Planet – but have run into a wall on the social trophies since none of my local friends are gamers. I have all the trophies that can be obtained solo.

Anyone have the game and willing to help me get the 4x4 player prize bubbles (and 3x3, and one 2x2 - Great Magician’s palace, which is too challenging for my wife to get through)? Also just looking for folks to “heart” me as author and for levels, but mainly it would just be fun to play some multiplayer with people from the forum instead of randoms.

PSN: TheDesslock

I should be able to help you out tonight. I’ll be available at around 7PM EST - 9 PM EST. We can even play some Uncharted 2 co-op if you want. just make sure to go into the Uncharted 2 multiplayer lobby in advance because the game takes an insane amount of time to update game data if you haven’t played for a while.

Had a lot of fun. For some reason it wouldn’t let me join up in your game though so I’m sorry we had to trudge through mine. I guess we didn’t get all the Great Magician bubbles. Let me know if you want to try again.

Also do you have LBP2?

I actually did get all the Great Magician bubbles I was missing, so we got all the 2x2 ones - happy to help you get any you need. I have the Booty Master trophy for all the bubbles on all levels now.

Do have LBP2 but haven’t started playing yet - trying to get all these trophies first, and basically all I need is enough players to ‘heart’ me as a player (hint hint).

Also would definitely be interested in some Uncharted 2 multi.

I think I “hearted” you and your levels already. How many do you need? I guess you can create fake PSN accounts to finish it up.

I need about 20 hearts as a player - have enough for my levels. I’ll probably use one of the trophy boosting threads elsewhere, I guess, although if anyone here has the game and can “heart” me as a creator I’d appreciate it.

Almost time to move on to LBP2, although I may need a break between the 2