Little Big Planet (thread not related to PC mods)

Announced today is a pretty notable DLC - Metal Gear Solid. This is the first “level pack” - which includes not only stickers, objects, sound effects, music, textures, etc but entire levels. The levels will be MGS themed, includes its own trophies and best of all it includes a weapon - use the right stick to aim and shoot with R1. This weapon can not only be used in the MGS levels but once you own the pack you can put the gun in any of your own levels. The pack also comes with a new laser sight gadget which I guess detects motion and activates any trigger or weapon of death apparently.

Best part is you don’t have to buy it to check out the levels or items:

*  Non-MGS Level Pack owners can PLAY the MGS Story Levels by joining a host who owns the pack and play the levels online together. Now you won't be able to keep any objects, but you can have tons of fun just PLAYing.
* MGS Level Pack owners will be able to CREATE levels with any of these items (including the Paintinator) and SHARE them online for everyone to play.

There’s a video to demonstrate the new weapons, characters and items:

Comes out next Tuesday

Presumably the same rules will apply to the current Xmas-themed materials pack, so you don’t have to buy it yourself just to make sure you can play levels that use parts from it.


Instant purchase. I don’t care about costume packs, but this kind of DLC is a definite buy.

Btw, I continue to Heart good new levels that I find. So if anyone wants to see my recommended levels then just send me a friend request and you’ll easily be able to find them in game. There’s a ton of really fun levels now.

Great trailer:

Okay, you don’t have to buy it yourself to play levels that use it… but you have to play with someone else online who did buy it. That doesn’t seem much better. And it doesn’t seem worth it for level designers to spend money, and then time, designing levels that can only be used by a small fraction of the already small audience that bought LBP.

I don’t think that’s correct- if you want the STORY levels then you can play with someone online who has it. But anyone can play any user created level using MGS objects as long as the level creator bought the MGS pack.

Oh, I get it now. That is much more useful!

The levels that MGS levels that MM created can only be played with someone else if you haven’t purhcased it.

The content that people create with MGS materials can be played by anyone whether they bought the MGS pack or not without having to play with a friend.

Cool, probably going to need to pick this one up.

Patch 1.07 went up today and has finally added new search options to make finding levels easier. You can now search for Highest Rated, Newest, Most Hearted etc and is a much needed improvement.

New Search Modes: More ways to find interesting levels like Most Hearted, Highest Rated and Busiest!

In-game Store: Browse, buy and play downloadable content, such as the soon-to-be-released Metal Gear Solid packs, without needing to go to the Playstation Store

Save As: Save your level to a different slot on the moon while mid-edit.

Keyboard text chat: Plug a standard USB keyboard into your PS3 and just start typing. Or, press Tab on your keyboard to go straight to the standard PS3 text entry screen.

Image export: save the photos you take in game to your hard drive.

General fixes, polishing and improvements, including:
Fixed “Wheel of death” bug where Sackboy could get stuck endlessly respawning out of a checkpoint
Better support for third party controllers
Fixed stretch Sackboy arms
General server improvements and optimization
Improved the corner (vertex) editing tool
Improvements to how Popit deals with complex shapes
Improved Sackboy animation and made it harder to slap accidentally while acting
Fixed lights so they don’t forget their colour
Improved Online multiplayer level selection

Try “Beyond Heaven and Hell”, fantastic user created level. I have it hearted if you want to check it out.

The Metal Gear Solid DLC is now on the PSN store for those of you in the US.

I love the sackmen. Best design ever

Does it come with interminable cut scenes?

I wish the sackman was in a 8 hour movie.

They’re boys Desslock. Sackmen sound a little creepy. :)

The MGS pack is fun albeit short. Especially when you’re plaing with 4 people which makes your party a moving orb of 360 degree paint death.

The paintgun is amazing in that it completely adds a new element to LBP. I really look forward to what the user creators make with this. The gun can destroy enemies, trigger switches, deplete a lifebar, push objects. This single item is a huge game changer.

Ok, so it’s not 8 hours.

Wtf. Hmmm… Hrm… Well… It could be… I don’t know what to say about that. :p

The paintgun can also be set to either have limited (and refillable) or unlimited ammo. Along with the new plasma and missile hazards it really does transform the game. Agreed that the new levels are on the short side (though I still need to find 100% items), great fun though and well designed. Make sure you play through the VR Training mission again once you have the trigger sticker you can use there, it transforms the level into a harder version :)

I can’t wait to see what the community does with this. I really do love this game; I log on each night, check Newest Levels and always seem to find some new gems to play through.

yeah, I keep coming back to LBP as well. While it’s never really my focus, I love just popping it in for a bit and playing some new levels. Definately a great side game.