Little Fockers

I saw this last night with my wife. I liked the first movie but didn’t like the second one at all so I wasn’t expecting much from this but it exceeded my expectations. I mean, it’s not the best film I’ve seen all year - it’s not even the best comedy - but I got a few good laughs out of it.

It sort of goes back to the premise of the original film which is why it worked better than the second film: normal guy (insofar as the protagonist in a broad comedy is ever normal) tries to win the respect of his uptight (prospective) father-in-law.

Also, don’t let the title fool you: it’s mostly an excuse to use that crappy joke again and the kids don’t actually feature as much you’d expect them to.

(Bear in mind that after spending Christmas with a two-year-old who had a bad cold, no appetite and a stubborn refusal to take any medicine, I’d have been happy to watch paint dry so long as it was out of the house)

Glad to hear a positive endorsement. I feel like you do - really liked the first, second one fell flat. Kinda been on the fence about seeing this one. I’ll give it a chance, but it’s probably going to be a rental. Theater visits are too rare to burn one on this – I usually save 'em for visually-stimulating movies.