Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Any good?

No idea! I was wondering if that was the game you mentioned. Still another Indie ‘probably’ worth knowing about :)

And i mentioned it in the Kickstarter thread, but i have other links that my subroutines need to mention:

main page here:

RPS stuff here:

Heh, funny, I just got an email from those Universe Edge folks my own self.

Aero Chimera, a brand-new freeware vertical-scrolling shmup made by a good friend of mine from the shmups community. Just released twenty minutes ago!

@ WarpRattler, if you know it is good there is this other thread you could post about it in:

However if it is only probably worth knowing about, this is the place :)

Probably awesome (sounds it), a game a longtime coming but i don’t think i’ve mentioned it here before, Age of Decadence:

RPS writeup thingie here:

Sounds right up my alley, a realistic look at melee with swords etc in a crpg, ie you tend to get injured/die quite a bit.

Wayward Souls, “Permanent death, randomized levels, multiple characters. Skillful, swift combat. Hours and hours of replay value.”:

RPS blurp here:

‘Never Alone’, a lovely looking and interesting sounding prospect:

RPS stuff here:

‘No Return’, a not finished, not much info on it yet, survival type game (with no zombies):

RPS blurp here:

‘Purgateus’, a mod for the excellent and moody Proteus:

And RPS stuff:

‘Return of the Obra Dinn’, from the Papers Please guy:

RPS stuff here:


Saw this one on

Freaking Meatbags is a humorous RTS (that alone is something pretty unique!) where your units are humans that you gene-splice with aliens to make new units. Anyone play the Bullfrog flop Genewars? Hopefully this one goes further by having a lighter touch. On early access right now apparently.

The Bit.Trip guys have renamed themselves from Gaijin Games to Choice Provisions and announced a couple new games, including a realistic turn-based perma-death space survival game with dice and cannibalism. Looks pretty early, but these guys know how to deliver.

Tharsis does indeed sound promising, thanks for the headsup. And i am soo glad that it said ‘cannibalism’ and not ‘zombies’ (not that i advocate cannibalism so much as the indie/industry trope for zombies can do with a little rest sometimes).

‘Brigador’ (was called ‘Matador’ previously):

RPS stuff here:

As a big fan of MechCommander, this is ticking some boxes.

Very, very charming visuals, visually stunning perhaps? ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’

And some RPS stuff:

And i love underwater games, and this one looks very pretty, ‘Abzu’:

And a bit more info on RPS:

Ultima Ratio Regum, very interesting:

RPS stuff:

Metrocide, a mashup of the old grand theft auto games and syndicate:

RPS splurge: