Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)






It’s a nice little game and the first one I’ve found that a friend of mine actually likes.


I saw this recommended over on the ResetERA January Indie games thread, I am not sure if it’s worth the price they are asking, but I am sure gonna wishlist it for the summer sale.


This just got a massive translation patch, with most of the game now in English (voice-overs are still in Chinese). Still no English manual or tutorial, so I’m slowly starting to figure things out on my own, whenever I have some time to spare.

It seems to have the depth of the Koei games, but not the polish. In fact, the character portraits look like they came straight out of Stellar Monarch


There’s a demo for Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, a Lovecraft role-playing game with gorgeous art, out on Steam. The store page says the full game isn’t releasing until 2019, so I thought this thread would be more appropriate than the “Worth Playing” one, but definitely check this out if you’re a fan of c-RPGs like Age of Decadence. The demo’s two-hours long, and I think the game’s shaping up to be pretty special.


I’ve got the demo and am very intrigued.

Is it me or is Cthulhu now back in fashion?

And is it me or is it always set in the 1920’s? :S


Hey, if any of you folks played and enjoyed The Fall, then good news! The second chapter is on its way -

Unbound will be dropping on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 13. Honestly, though the first chapter basically said “to be continued” I wasn’t sure it would happen, so this is a pleasant surprise.


Wow, I’d never have thought they would go with it. It felt like a great premise that could only disappoint later on. Not that I want to spew negativity all over that announcement. I am really surprised as well.


Nantuket was just released and is currently available for only $12.14 on GMG with code BLUE25 as of this writing.

ACG gives it a buy:


Totally unrelated so maybe I am just a spam bot, but recently I discovered the “Ants Canada” YT channel, and it is really well done. It actually made me search for modern ant colony games and I found Undergrowth.



just stumbled across this on steam and did a lol. I doubt this is “worth knowing about (probably)” or “worth playing”, but as there isn’t a thread for “indie games worth lolling at the description of” I thought this was the best location for it.


And you cruelly don’t even link the steam page.


ha! here you go.


Iconoclasts by konjak is out.

Also available for PS4 and Vita. It’s a pixel platformvania thing with a story, but I think I can safely say this will be a good one. Might need to make a thread for it depending on how things go. (You never know which good games will flop these days.)


Ooh, I love renegade mechanics!



Wow, Iconoclasts looks REALLY good. Please report back if you get it.


I did, played 10 minutes this morning. It feels good. Debating whether to restart on hard.

From the RPS review it sounds like there’s more puzzles than combat, except for a bunch of unique boss fights. The emphasis on story and characters that subvert expectations could be interesting.

konjak deserves $20 just for Legend of Princess.


This just hit early access and is expected to release on pc and switch later this year. This Crafting rpg seems to share some dna with games like Harvest Moon. It has crafting, farming, fishing, etc. not just a sandbox, as it has a full storyline. There are also dungeons to delve into with monsters and robots to fight and mysteries to uncover.

Really pleased about the upcoming swathe of crafting games that have storylines like this and DQ Builders. I really enjoy gathering materials, mining, etc. but love to have a story to tie it all together and provide a reason to make stuff.


Wait. It’s doesn’t feature “retro pixel art”? That’s enough to get it on my wishlist.