Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Into the Breach from maker of FTL should be released next week (Tuesday) on various platforms for $15… This is one of the most anticipated game for me.



Looks nifty. Added to my wishlist so I’ll get a notification.


No word on console or mobile release for this? Seems odd with the success FTL had on various platforms. Heck, it almost looks like a DS game, visually.


Yeah, I’d definitely prefer to play this on mobile, so hopefully that winds up happening.


Apparently they are going to turn their attention to other platforms once the initial launch is done, according to Nintendo Life. Definitely looking forward to this on Switch, more thoughts in other thread


True, and this is what I found throughout the campaign. I found the difficulty curve rather shallow at first, but any roadblock I hit was usually solved with a bit of thought and correct use of the appropriate mech. But then I hit this particular one “Found Ghost” and I just get swarmed. Just tried it again to remind myself… yep, as soon as I get spotted by anything, I get overwhelmed in a matter of seconds. Given that you have to eliminate the opposition on this map and not just sneak around, I can’t see a way through it given the fragile mechs on offer. I’d love to pick it up again but sometimes too much time elapses and you forget how to play effectively.


Jason Rohrer’s new game releases today


One Deck Dungeon entered early access.

But not knowing the game and merely looking at the screenshots, it seems it may be meant for tablets and phones (and I guess there is no EA there).


I read the website and it sounded like Tales in the Desert on cocaine. I am watching a stream right now, and wow, this is so grim!(and the streamer’s lack of wit isn’t helping)


Oh man this game looks cool but I hate hate hate the “guy with a mic making mouth noises” sound “design”.


It doesn’t feel like that to me. As you can tell from their Sentinels of the Multiverse adaptation, Handelabra is pretty focused on developing for the PC. If there’s a tablet version of One-Deck Dungeon underway, I wouldn’t guess it from this early access build.

That said, I think this is a terrible fit for a videogame port. The charm of the tabletop game isn’t the gameplay so much as the tactile pleasure of chucking around a bunch of dice and then arranging them onto a little puzzle. Doing it in a videogame feels like a step down. Also, the current build has none of the character progression, which is a fundamental part of the tabletop game.



I wasn’t understanding the need to seemingly drag and drop precisely dices shown in the video, so that was what that was about! Thank you for the explanations.


I wonder how he’s going to go with the whole “adding new stuff to stay ahead of players’ position in the tech tree” thing. And how long that will go on for.

I guess that progression time must be fixed/known, so he knows how much stuff he’ll need to add. It says ‘100 new craftable objects added every week’.


From the look of the stream, he shouldn’t have much issue for now, as the world looks like a freaking graveyard spawned out of some Howard’s book XD
I am wondering if there are various servers, although that would kill the purpose, I guess?


Looks like one server but people can make their own if they download the source bundle:

The price also includes downloads of all future updates and a lifetime account on the main game server that I am running.

The source bundle includes the editor and server software, allowing you to set up and run your own server or even leverage the engine to make your own game.


We told him pre release about that , shrug , he likes it. fwiw I agree with you.


@geggis generously made me discover The Majesty of Colors.

From the developer’s words, it came out because of the impeding extinction the game would have suffered to the Flashmaggedon. He thus ported it and released it for phones and on Steam.
Discussing it would spoil parts of it. The whole content accounts for about half an hour and it is lowres pixel art in all its glory, so ignore it if you take issue with either of that. But if you enjoy moving pictures, it is quite rewarding. Like Mark Ferrari’s kid paint and poetry on the fridge!


Ooo, Mark Ferrari, I love his stuff!

Hope you enjoyed it! I need to give it a spin but too busy playing OTC before my first tournament game begins in an hour or so…


New Amanita game out tomorrow!


I am glad to see that Jason Rohrer’s One Hour One Life is getting some viral action. There are a couple youtube videos with over 100,000 views each, and the server population has been growing each day and is somewhere around 150 simultaneous players or so during primetime. There are also multiple twitch streamers pulling in 50+ viewers who play it. I hope this continues and the game really takes off, because I love Jason Rohrer’s games and his willingness to come out with some really experimental/innovative stuff.

How many devs would do this:
"This work is not copyrighted.

Do whatever you want with it, absolutely no restrictions, and no permission

Jason Rohrer
Davis, California
May 2015"