Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Dead Cells is absolutely in early access. Says so right on the store page?


Just missing a few words when I typed it on my phone. I meant the caveat to the Dead Cells comparison I made originally.


Oh, you meant the other game. My bad.


I was looking at the Switch version earlier, the headline for the game is “Co-op spell slinging action” which is what made me dismiss it. Good to know it’s solo also, although sounds like Gungeon is the one to go for in terms of content (was close to pulling the trigger on it, no pun intended).


Any “A Way Out” impressions? My brother pointed out that it seems to be getting favorable reviews.


Might be a tower defense game? We’ll find out on the 30th I guess.


Take original Battlestar Galactica theme, change the key, tweak a few notes, new music!


Makes me think of Minions.


Announced for PC and Switch. A card-based mashup between a battler (like Slay the Spire) and a tile-based dungeon exploration game where you use the cards to do things like create new pathways .


I saw Cohh playing this today and it looks fun as heck.


That showed up on the splash screen of Steam app yesterday, I thought it looked pretty awesome. Have to check out what Cohh thought of it.


So this game tie in for the movie Geostorm got ported over to Steam and its apparently pretty good.


And Graveyard Keeper has entered Alpha!

There is fishing in game, so we know it will be awesome.


Just watched a short video of SplatterCatGaming playing Moonlighter. He described it as a better version of Recettear. The visual style in the dungeon reminds me of the Binding of Isaac.

Here’s the video I watched. If you’re not familiar with him, SplatterCat plays a lot of indie games, so he’s good for finding out about what’s coming down the pike.


I find that hard to be true, but if it is (or if it’s even close to being true), then I’m all over Moonlighter the minute it’s out.


Persist in your language endeavour, and you shall be rewarded. Recettear addicting factor, without the obnoxious ARPG parts!

(stick away from the horribly botched pseudo-translation works released on Steam though).


ほしい! ありがとうございます!

Is the name of the game/studio really “Dogs and Cats”?

BTW, I should mention that I really enjoyed the Recettear ARPG parts. ;)


“Cats and Dogs”, please.

Their world building began with freeware light first person RPGs in the Wizardry vein, and they quickly evolved into a formula that Kairo later exploited of management games, which are basically the more involved prototypes of what would become the clickr genre.
They gained renown with a freeware, a simple yet quite deep shop simulation. It was so successful it benefited from commercial DS and iOS releases (which are basically the same as the freeware version).
Since then they have released a lot of variations based upon that number juggling/light story theme and made a living out of it. Sadly, for the last couple of years, they have been trying to include weird mechanics like slot machines or match-3s, unsuccesful tries in my opinion that make those more recent games a tedious experience. But since you liked ARPG parts, maybe you’ll enjoy those portions as well!


Now I’m curious. Since the name is “inu to neko”, I assumed dogs (inu) and (to) cats (neko). Why “Cats and Dogs” then?


I picked up Raft off Steam yesterday. Played for five hours straight. I seriously love this game. Something about being out in the open ocean, trying to survive while a shark is tearing up your raft, greatly appeals to me. The game itself runs beautifully, considering it’s an early access title. I encountered no crashes, and the menu’s and crafting are fairly intuitive. I played solo but you can also invite a friend for some co-op.

It might be sensible to wait to pick this up since it’s EA and not currently on sale. But I’m not a sensible person and bought it anyway. :) I want to support this developer and keep this game going!