Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Anybody playing Egypt: Old Kingdom? It looks lovely. And there is a demo.


Marble Age and Bronze Age were good games, so the company has good roots.


Looks interesting, apparently around 3 hours long…


This looks like it has potential but from videos I’ve seen it still needs some fleshing out. Beware! a survival horror driving game, think the movie Duel but in Silent Hill.


What’s with the tilting during turns? Is that a car or a motorcycle?


There’s a demo here:

It’s pretty damn rough, and you’re basically just dumped into the world with no objectives, but when the headlights show up in the rearview mirror and the music kicks in - yeah. He might be onto something here.


One Deck Dungeon is out on iOS tablets now and it plays quite nicely. The interface is a bit quirky (sometimes wants tap and hold, sometimes double tap) but I’ve played a few games and it seems like quite the solid effort.


Was wondering about that, thank you for posting.


FYI, it’s also a buck off for the launch (8.99 USD). I’ve only played one character so far but feels like it could have legs. This is the sort of game where people like to complain about randomness, but to me it is about mitigating that randomness as much as you can and using the various skills to make the best of the hand you are dealt.


Just bought it (One Deck Dungeon), but haven’t tried it yet. When I saw it on Steam I thought it looked like a great iPad game, and I don’t mind randomness. The only problem is that my 3+ year old iPad’s battery is shot. Really hoping new Pro’s are released on June 4th.

(I just realized this thing supports Markdown, despite it saying so every time you start a post. Such a nice quality of life thing.)


For what it is worth, while the interface on the PC version is remarkable if you play with a single character, it sort of fails when you play with a party of two: you have to awkwardly scroll their skills all the time.
I prefer playing the game with a single character anyway. It seems more challenging.


Haven’t actually tried with two yet. Let me give it a quick try. Seems to be fine. Play is a bit slower that way, but interface seems perfectly functional. With higher level characters you might have to scroll a bit to see all powers (can happen with one character as well)


Really like One Deck Dungeon. Yes, there’s a lot of randomness in the dice rolls, but also seems like there are a lot of tools to mitigate it enough where it stil takes skill. Most certainly a good iPad game as well. Glad I waited. Still early but hilghly recommend it for $8.

It is a battery killer on my old iPad. One game = ~20% drop. (Just to be clear, my battery is shot, not the games fault.)


Played the mage last night for the first time and died on the same turn I would have killed the boss. Womp, womp.


Tiny Bubbles is out on Steam


Is that an endorsement or just letting us know of a game that looks good to you?


Ohmigosh! Did not realize this hit the App Store a couple of weeks ago


The Quiet Sleep sounds intriguing. Settlers meets TD mechanics, wrapped in a metaphor for personal growth.


I’ll add my big thumbs up for this clever game!


Someone mentioned this game awhile ago and has been sitting on my wishlist. I put it up here as a kind of public service announcement. I will get it but not sure if it will be on iOS or Steam at this point.