Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


I don’t know, but since the publisher is Asmodee, I would assume so.


This is cool. I figure I am more likely to do this game digital form than physical\ since my local gaming group probably wouldn’t love this but my online probably would.


Hey thanks for this! It slipped me by!


I really like the boardgame and I’m looking forward to downloading this and messing around with it tonight. If anybody wants to try an MP game, lemme know!


Does anyone know the limitations of early access for Scythe? Is saving disabled? Are some faction choices limited? Is the AI not implemented? I couldn’t find anything on Steam that explained the early access maluses.


It seems that they are still working on the AI (“easy” is done, “medium” is still being tweaked, and “hard” isn’t available yet). Also apparently they are still doing tweaks on the UI.

The EA notice says that it has “single player and local multiplayer”, so maybe no online games yet, which is disappointing.


I asked here yesterday, and got my answer on BGG today.
From the Neumannium:

Scythe is currently only available for PC, but we’ve been told that other versions (including mobile) are in the works and should be happening in due time as well.


This. Otherwise the game is complete and very playable


Ok, I played a couple games of Scythe Digital Edition last night. One three-player and one five-player (all against medium AIs, as indeed online multiplayer isn’t there at the moment).

It is pretty good. There is a lot of information to digest, and the game does a decent job of giving you access to all that information. I still found it difficult to get a sense of the overall strategic situation, but to be fair I have that problem in the board game too. I bit of practice will probably help.

I spent more time worrying about what I was doing than what the AI was doing, so I can’t really say if the AI is playing well. I did lose both games, but I do kind of suck at Scythe, so that might not be saying much.

The main problem is that I’m not too interested in playing the AI, I want to play other people! So I’m looking forward to the online play being added. I really hope it has async, and notifications (either Steam notifications or email).


The devs have confirmed async play


But will it have notifications?!?

So, I played another 5 player game against medium AIs. Tried to play slightly more attention, and I did win this one. But, again, I don’t really care how good the AI is because I want to play against people. And besides, there are Spires to be Slayed.


I won against 4 Easy bots last night. Considering that it was only the second game I’d ever played to conclusion in either format, that says more about the AI than it does about me, I guess. Two of the AI players gathered all their Mechs and Workers into one hex and left them there.

Time to take “Normal” for a spin.


Wizard of Legend has a great, spectacular and enjoyable combat, with a big variety of spells and good enemies… but it’s a roguelite. Eww. It has all the things I hate from roguelikes: high difficulty (way too high for me, the fact that I enjoy the combat doesn’t mean I’m good with it), not difficulty options, no possibility of saving, generic ‘random’ levels that look the same (just with 3 different skins), and short duration in a single game.


After watching a stream I was even more excited about the combat and even less interested in the roguelite structure. Ugh.


Another day, another roguelite indie game I have problems with.

In this case, it’s Synthetik, like Wizard of Legend, it stands out thanks to a better combat than your average roguelite.

In this case the problem isn’t the crushing difficulty (it isn’t as difficult, and it can be lowered a bit tweaking some modifiers) but the mere fact you can’t save the game. Not normal save, not save & quit, not even save when your go to the next floor.
So I had problems because I wanted to do something as simple as quit the game and go for dinner, but I couldn’t.


Saving an in-progress dungeon can be difficult technically but there’s absolutely no excuse for no save and quit when moving to the next level.


Yeah, that definitely sucks. I’ve never made it far enough to be an issue, but a good run in Synthetik should’t have to be finished in one sitting. :(



Yes, especially for such a slow-paced game, it is quite a glaring issue.


All games should have save & quit has a standard feature.

However, I must admit that if I’m having a good run in something intense like Synthetik and come back to it later (which I do my closing my laptop screen and putting it into sleep mode) then I will, 100% of the time, fail within moments when I resume.


Yup, I can’t think of a clearer reminder that they are aiming for an entirely different demographic – one that has no time-sensitive responsibilities in life.