Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


After watching a stream I was even more excited about the combat and even less interested in the roguelite structure. Ugh.


Another day, another roguelite indie game I have problems with.

In this case, it’s Synthetik, like Wizard of Legend, it stands out thanks to a better combat than your average roguelite.

In this case the problem isn’t the crushing difficulty (it isn’t as difficult, and it can be lowered a bit tweaking some modifiers) but the mere fact you can’t save the game. Not normal save, not save & quit, not even save when your go to the next floor.
So I had problems because I wanted to do something as simple as quit the game and go for dinner, but I couldn’t.


Saving an in-progress dungeon can be difficult technically but there’s absolutely no excuse for no save and quit when moving to the next level.


Yeah, that definitely sucks. I’ve never made it far enough to be an issue, but a good run in Synthetik should’t have to be finished in one sitting. :(



Yes, especially for such a slow-paced game, it is quite a glaring issue.


All games should have save & quit has a standard feature.

However, I must admit that if I’m having a good run in something intense like Synthetik and come back to it later (which I do my closing my laptop screen and putting it into sleep mode) then I will, 100% of the time, fail within moments when I resume.


Yup, I can’t think of a clearer reminder that they are aiming for an entirely different demographic – one that has no time-sensitive responsibilities in life.


Death’s Gambit releases in August and is shaping up to be pretty spiffy!


I was actually thinking about taking this off my wishlist because it looks kind of weird.

The jump really bothers me.

Anyway it could be one of those indie games that looks awesome in short clips in a trailer, but breaks down a bit during actual play.


So Bio Inc is… interesting. I went into sandbox mode and named a male patient Donald Trump. When the game starts it puts his head on the body. Fascinating.


Now I’m going to talk again of Synthetik , but this time praising it.

It’s one of the few roguelites that I’m playing as intended, I guess. That’s it, replaying it a ton of times. Key to this it’s not only the great combat, but also the big variety on weapons, weapon modifiers, weapon accessories, classes modules, active and passive items you can get, making each run a bit different. For example by random luck I got two deployable turrets and several health regeneration upgrades, that was a very different run than the previous ones.

In addition to that the meta progression is meaty enough to be interesting. You can gain mastery over weapons, you can level up your classes, you can unlock new starting items and weapons, you can unlock new features in the research lab.


good luck with the obesity and wheel of STDs


Hey now! What are you imply… Oh yeah. The game. Heh. I knew that. Sure.


And it just got a pretty substantial update today:



While scourring it for the absurd collectable cards, the Steam discovery feature was useful for the first time today for me!

It presented me with this:

This Red Storm Rising in space thing looks absolutely fascinating.

And then this:

That one isn’t my jam (I don’t like first person view in games, especially procedurally generated ones), but the visual style sure is quite unique.

In my case, I thought I was done with this summer sale, but Objects in Space is incredibly tempting.


Scott Manley did a video on Objects in Space just today. Looks interesting, but not sure if it’s for me.


Early access. Bleh. Let’s see how early access…

Bleh plus. They’re saying two to five months, which pretty much means a year.

Also early access. Still pending:

ETA five to seven months, so I call it a year and a half. Triple bleh.

I wish people making cool games would keep it to themselves until they’re done!

-Tom, Chief of Early Access Police


It’s pretty great.


Doing things backwards, I picked up Lobotomy Corporation in the Summer Sale and then checked Qt3 for comments on whether or not I should have bought it.

I haven’t played it long enough to really provide an impression… except that the UI makes my eyes want to run screaming from my skull and hide under the couch.


That logo is horrific!