Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Yeah, I was able to track down a disk copy a couple of years ago. Still play it now and then too.


Airships is a game that has been forever in early access and just was released finally last week.

It shares a lot of similarities with From the Depths, but trades away the 3rd dimension to make the game playable for challenged people like myself.
You are tasked to design and construct fantastic machines, and watch them explode and destroy each others.
My first few hours designing ships and putting them out against each others have been phenomenal. Heck, even the tutorial was fun!
The combat is real time, unpausable as far as I can tell. You can issue a variety of orders depending on the capacities of your machine, but the most important one is the simple movement command. In skirmish, you got the option to turn the AI on and enjoy the action hands off.
Fights are very short but lively things, and there is quite a pleasant variety of weapons.
Here is some good old ramming…

Which devolved into this mess (the fight ended with a status quo, my ship immobilized, with my opponent’s huge gun up my stomach):

(I have spent more time customizing the outlooks of my ship than reflecting about what it should really do. It’s apparent that I have no idea what I am doing — and that boat was obscenely expensive.)

Ah yes, the game saves replays, and let you export glorious gif.

Airships features multiplayer and a strategic campaign mode, which I have both yet to try.

The game is written in Java from what I gather (i.e looking at the icon in my dock), but the performances are absolutely fine.

We are in August, and I have just found what I think may be my 3rd GOTY!

Can’t recommend it highly enough.


I’m kinda happy with Settlements.
Holds the fine distinction of being the second ugliest game I own (Logistical is 1)

Dev is amazingly responsive and continually improving the game.

Still not clear on a bunch of mechanics, but 12 hours in so far which is more than most games for me.


Thanks for the recommendation on this one.


Airships is great. I played through all the tutorials, then promptly got my ass handed to me in my first conquest game. Great stuff.


I really like what I’ve seen, too. But good lord, you have to care first and foremost about gameplay. Graphics have to be about seventh or eighth on your list of priorities. It reminds me a bit of Judgement Apocalypse Survival Simulator (JASS!) in that regard.



I think it’s a winforms app. Dev said he wanted it to run on the simplest of potatoes. I understand that choice, but even unity can run in an old potato and come across better. Inbuilt UI system isn’t as powerful as winforms though.


New trailer!


This is out today for the Switch, but does anyone know if that’s the best platform for it? It’s not out anywhere else yet so I’m not sure if there are any actual side by side comparisons, anyone heard anything?


I picked up fell seal to play on my laptop since I like FFT-type games. This is still in early access, and the UI could be a bit better, but so far (2hrs or so in) it plays well.


Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?


I’m interested in Fell Seal but trying to wean off Early Access titles.


There seems to be fair bit of content already (I think I’ve done around 15 maps so far) and other than some minor UI quirks it feels pretty polished. For me it’s sort of comfort food, not that innovative or challenging but for airports, planes, and now trains i been great.


Anyone had a look at The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy, out on Steam today?

It seems to be more about spreadsheets than Tommy guns, but it looks intriguing in the preview vid below and in the few early reviews I’ve read.


Never heard of it, but it looks DELIGHTFUL.


Went ahead and bought it. Here goes nothing.

I didn’t notice this until now, but from the thumbnail of that YouTube preview, two of the capos are apparently time-traveling Ted Cruz. Yup – can’t wait to get into this.


Thanks for taking one for the team.


The King’s Bird is a precision platformer like Super Meat Boy or Dustforce, but with the ability to glide through the air. Very pretty and looks like smooth controls.

I bought it (since it’s developed by another Colorado studio and I wanted to support them) so I’ll let you all know how it is. But keep in mind I sometimes lose patience with trial-and-error platformers like this.


I played a bunch of this tonight:

And it is absolutely smashing. Almost literally. It’s been compared more to Tony Hawk than Wipeout.


Also, another word on this game. I’ve been slowly playing through a conquest map, and even on easy the AI puts up a deceent challenge. Having so much fun taking over territory while building up my own, which is slow and expensive, but hopefully worth it. What a delightful game.