Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Yup, looks to be. No clue if they added anything for the Xbox One edition.


Just passing by to remind you all that Crosscode will finally come out on the 20th (next week).


So Door Kickers: Action Squad just left early access. Looks pretty great.


I don’t know where to put this, so here it is!

@tomchick has to stream this when it releases!


Not on PC. Boo-urns.


In a strange move, Steam recommended something that was actually interesting to me.

This is a light XCOM-ish dungeon crawl. It is clearly influenced by Into the Breach, be it because of its emphasis on damage done by juggling or being pushed into walls and traps, or the isometric display. Because of its theme and that esthetic choice, it reminded me of the old computer’s Heroquest iterations of the board game, but it’s nothing that annoying.
I had a nice time playing the somewhat hidden demo (on its own store page, uh), but I wasn’t too fond of the obscure RNG approach to hits and misses. The lack of an undo function after movement was also sorely missing.


I’ve had my eye on that one too.


Huh. Thanks for this, Left_Empty!


I’m so far behind in this thread. But I don’t want to skip ahead in case of missing something great. Adding Logistical to my wishlist.




I enjoyed Paratopic a whole bunch.

It’s an elliptical ~40 minute long (there’s some secrets to poke around for though that’ll extend your playtime) horror walking sim using 30 Flights of Loving-style jumpcuts,

The PS1 aesthetic works surprisingly well. Probably because it makes everything look diseased and horrible, which fits hand in glove with the Lynch and Cronenberg influences.


Someone just gifted me a copy of Minion Master on steam, but it doesn’t say how gave it to me. Is that common?

Also, who should I thank?


I got a random copy in my Steam inventory too. Considering how that company absolutely spams their email list with giveaway codes for new minions and DLC, I assume they just gave everybody who owns one of their games a free copy.


Oh. That might makes sense. Well, I might give it a try.


So this looks absolutely fascinating. Has anyone played it?


Looks interesting in a janky sorta way.


No, but I’m curious. While you can use RC controllers with it, sadly that doesn’t extend to DJI controllers. Then again it might be a bad idea for my brain to associate playing this game with flying my actual drone. Could get expensive!


Drops in only 2 weeks!


Looks quite interesting. Thank you for pointing it out.


Crosscode final release is now out on Steam and GOG!