Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


Did anybody check out Breathedge? It’s in development, but looks interesting:

Seems to be garnering some good reviews from people who’ve played it so far.


Heard about it but … BUT its Early Access and only has around 20% of the story so far.

The game is in Early Access and has only one story chapter for the moment, designed for 3-6 hours of gameplay, but this is not the end. We plan to make 5 story chapters that will reveal all the twists and turns of the plot, will acquaint the player with all the participants of this totally truthful story and at the same time will be one whole game.



Artifex Mundi released their first developed game in years

An HOG with art to die for, in my case at least.
At 15 bucks, it is above my paygrade for what I am willing to afford for 4 hours of digital relaxation, but I wanted to throw it out there for the other HOG enthusiasts that may have missed it and want to mark it down for later — or the inevitable bundling.
I love that art so much.


Anxious to hear your thoughts after playing The Commission a bit. I’m undecided after watching some Let’s Plays. I don’t mind spreadsheet style games but I can’t really tell whether there is anything interesting to the strategy.


There’s a lot going on under the hood that’s not readily apparent from some of the Let’s Plays. Your Don, Capos, and Soldatos (soldiers) all have randomly generated traits that make the rackets you choose to invest in more or less profitable. The size and wealth of the neighborhoods affects that as well (rich folk don’t play the numbers or go to loansharks, for instance).

On top of that, the city government will enact laws that affect everything on a global scale, as will The Commission itself, which meets every 24 weeks (turns).


Anybody check out 60 Parsecs? It seems interesting.


Well, it’s a space-theme version of their previous game, so if you like one…


As far as I can tell, it’s not much different from their previous game.

The theme of space travel is different, but the underlying “survival with a forced sense of humor” stuff is the same. I found them pretty tedious based on what little I played.




Curious to see feedback on this one. It resembles Darkest Dungeon somewhat (which I didn’t really click with), and I’d love to try a game like that but a lot less punishing…


This game’s had my eye since I first saw it on Steam when looking for a new Metroidvania. Early reviews are promising.


Not sure Overcooked 2 qualifies as a “little” indie anymore but there’s no separate thread for it. More content teased:


Both Deep Sky Derelicts and Niffelheim released on Steam today - both look interesting to me. Any impressions of either?


I find Deep Sky Derelicts intriguing from what I played. Not sure I can recommend it yet though. Its its own thing thats for sure. I would watch some lets play’s on that one first or wait for a sale.


After after fifteen minutes of each, I didn’t uninstall either. Which is a lot more than I can say about most indie releases!



I’ve had my eye on Deep Sky Derelicts for a while, and having watched a couple of videos of the release build, it strikes me as having more in common with Slay the Spire than Darkest Dungeon. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not what I was expecting. Am I wrong?


If you enjoy games like the card game Werewolf and have others to play it with (or not!), do yourself a favor and play the tutorials (they’re not very long) for this…

…while it’s currently F2P for another 18 hours. Imagine XCOM and Werewolf had a baby.

Paging @geggis!


Replying to myself, I won a copy of the game in a contest yesterday, and it was a short and strangely moving experience.

It had non-speech storytelling that impeded a bit of what I think is a really amazing underlying design work: each scene evokes aspects of the bleakest part of the adult world as they could be assimilate in a child’s mind in a very delicate way. By contrast to this exquisitely tactful approach, the short “real world” cutscenes, while speechless, felt plain like Blade Runner’s narration, something which happens again with the abrupt and, again, plain ending that cuts short the amazing final chapter.

A lot of the decor is interactive, in a silly way inspired by the wonderful Humonguous Entertainement games (although not quite at the same level). The puzzles are very easy and the Object Hiding is fully integrated into the scenes.

This is a very short game (3 hours) and because of occasional but repeating rough edges, it has an amateur-ish feel. Yet, funnily, it has moved me in a way not dissimilar to the incredible Quadrilateral Cowboy.

This is not a recommandation: I am very glad I was blessed with what I felt playing this little game, and I wanted to share it.


Thanks @Mysterio for the tip, and @Left_Empty for the impressions. Will check them out.

Oh, meant to ask, did anybody check out Post Human W.A.R.? Seemed like a perfect candidate for some synchronous Qt3 multiplayer.


@geggis lemme know if you try it out and like it!