Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


I read an article about Simmiland. Anyone tried it? It’s (presumably) in the mold of Populous and Black & White, except much shorter and with a card drafting component that has you getting points at the end of your game to spend on unlocking more cards to add to your deck for later playthroughs (kind of like the shop in For the King I guess). Looks interesting and it’s only $5 on Steam. Might try it out over the weekend, of course it might have to wait a few weeks with the new Smash Bros. coming out.


Yes! It’s kind of adorable so far, but I’ve only futzed around with it a little. I haven’t even spent my stars to unlock cards yet.



I bought and played it too. Its charming. Its one of those play and lose to build out your options for the next run kind of game. Unusual in a sim so it is worth mentioning in case you dont like that.

Its fun, my only complaint really is I would have liked the ability to name my people or at else make it something gender neutral.


The NZ developed Ashen is out now!

It’s doing some interesting things with player characters assuming the roles of NPCs within a Dark Souls-style formula:

Take one of the very first characters you meet, a moustached pipe-smoking chap called Jokell. At first, he’s your regular AI-controlled NPC who helps you clear out the enemies in an area that becomes your town hub. When he joins your town, he’s still behaving like most NPCs, standing in one spot and operating as quest giver.

But once you take up a quest, Jokell accompanies you, and it’s here that control cedes from the programming to another player. On the flipside, from that other player’s perspective, they’re still in control of their own protagonist while it’s you controlling Jokell. “You’ll both think you’re the hero when you’re playing with each other. It’s quite an interesting technology to get players to unknowingly roleplay,” Bradley explains.

It’s almost an asymmetrical form of multiplayer in terms of how a quest is experienced. Think of a single-player game where you’re partnered with an AI companion – they might be a veteran mentor you’re following, or vice versa. In either case, these relationship dynamics are predetermined. In Ashen, you’re basically playing both the hero and the support in parallel, which can make for an unpredictable dynamic in a quest, since you’re matched to another player anonymously each time.

It should be hitting Steam sometime soon, too.


That’s probably a non-issue for me, especially considering it’s supposed to be a relatively short game. I’m hoping it will scratch a similar itch for me as The Curious Expedition does, only in a different genre.


Aw, so happy to see Human Head’s early access launch for Survived By being announced at the Game Awards.


Rake in Grass’ Jets’n’Guns 2 has been released on early access, Windows only for now. It is scheduled for release this time, next year.

The updated, expanded edition of Pixeljam’s lovely Gamma Bros is sadly aborted, but what was done is now available as freeware.


@Left_Empty gifted me this and I have to say its pretty darn good! Love the interactivity of the puzzles and the fact that stuff has to be found in different areas of the level you are on.


It’s GRIS-day!


We had a damn good week for indie games. In the period of a week, we had

Book of Demons

In fact it seems to me that sites that are already having their “best xx of 2018” lists are making a mistake, by forgetting these games.


And Kingdom: Two Crowns!


How is Below, has anyone tried it? (Difficult to search for with that name.) I started to watch a YouTube video of it, but it looks like the kind of game that would be easily spoiled.



Thanks! I swear I searched…but “below” is used a lot around here. :-)

Ignore that the thread has been bumped today…


No worries, at one point there were 3 threads for the game!


Fight Crab


You like Vanillaware games? You like Muramasa? Then this Chinese Indie Muramasa-like might just interest you.


Gris is a stupidly beautiful game. Some parts were O_O.
It’s also empty as fuck, in terms of interesting gameplay or story.
Gameplay-wise, there is the usual platform/puzzle mechanics, a few moments were ingenious even, but nothing to write home about.
Story wise, it’s even more vacuous? There is no dialogue, text, or explanation for anything, I guess some people will try to ascribe meaning to the few events that occur (she is sad and in a quest because it represents x, the broken woman statue represent her tortured self, the black thing that pursues her is the representation of x!) but it’s all people grasping for straws and trying to bring meaning into just some very artsy very pretty drawings.


I had Bladed Fury on my wishlist. I saw a review that criticized the over-reliance on enemy super armor and boss rushes at the end that gave me some bad memories of similar 2D beat 'em ups.

There’s some small hope they might rebalance it later. And it’s pretty cheap even if you only get an hour of fun out of it. I think I’ll pass for now.


I’ve been watching a few streamers play Gris and I’m definitely taken with it’s beauty but I still have no idea what the game actually is.